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Phil Gold Stephen Crichton sees the value of taking on a utility role in New South Wales, but even the greatest blues coach in history says it’s a “gamble” that could “hurt” the party.

This was most likely when NSW coach Brad Fitler announced his 22-member squad to play at Cricketton Center and Jack Whitton at number 14 jumper, but a surprise was created when the Blues chose the opposite in naming their team. 17’s.

Although Gold praised Crichton’s ability to cover every position on the backline, he further warned that the only hooker at 17 could hijack the Blues running with Damien Cook.

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“There’s no one in the back row here that I can even think of going to play at the centers at this stage of their career, so they had to cover their outer backs,” Gold said of Crichton’s bench selection at Wide World. Sports’ Six tackles with gas Podcast

“When you are originally or a bench for a big game you have to gamble somewhere … where they gambled is; they gamble that Damien Cook can go beyond 80 minutes; B: Jerome Louie and Cameron Murray Both have done some dummy-half work in the past and Jack Whitton – whose name was Center – could play the half so they can cover it. “

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Crichton, like Nathan Cleary, Louie, Brian Too, Dylan Edwards and Taylan May, were among the youngsters from superstar Penrith who were juniors in West Sydney.

“Stephen Crichton, for his education and development at the Panthers, can play on both the wing, center, left (and) right, and he can play fullback, so he practically covers what could happen on the outside back,” said Gold, who is the general. As manager he transformed the Panthers’ elite-pathway system.

“(Crichton) may not go on the field. It could happen and I did it myself. I have players on the bench. At the end of the game they get tokens for a few minutes just to get them. There, but you didn’t need them during the game.”

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Fitler ignored Apisai Koroisau, who finished 14th in Game No. 3 of the 2021 series.

The cunning Panther Hooker annoyed the Maroons for about 20 minutes in the second half, taking advantage of a tired forward around the rack and darting to try.

“They’ve turned the dice around a bit with Damien Cook. If Damien Cook gets hurt too soon it will hurt them because they have to cover it up,” Gold said.

“Now, I don’t think you want to spend the dummy-half and long time in the middle of Jerome Louie, which means you have to keep Cameron Marque there, which will affect your edge.”

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