State of Origin News 2022, Phil Gold Moment NSW Blues lose a game

New South Wales icon Phil Gold marks the moment the Blues State of Origin Eye slips out of their hands.

A converted attempt was the difference as Queensland beat the opener 16-10 at Sydney’s Acre Stadium to seize the series by putting the Maroons in the box seat.

It was a thrilling contest to the final siren, when the blues lock fell less than two feet below the Isaah Yo triline which sent the game into overtime.

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But a moment earlier that night Gold had said that Queensland chocolate landed.

It was in the 49th minute when the Maroons’ halfback Daley Cherry-Evans made an attempt through a hollow in the defense with a break from a scrum, which was converted.

Scrum debates when DCE is coming on foot to try

The Blues thought Prop Jr. Paolo was scrambled by an opponent, but the referee and Bunker cleared the attempt.

Gold, however, said the attempt was entirely the fault of the NSW players.

“What we didn’t consider was trying to shut down Scrambase, the Daily Cherry-Evans walked through a huge gap,” Gold told Wide World of Sports. Six tackles with gas Podcast

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“It was a perfect brain fade by NSW players. It was a real lack of concentration in a really important part and was too soft to try for an origin.

“That was the difference between the two teams. I said (there) there would be two attempts, it would come down to goal kicking and a field goal … I wasn’t counting on such an attempt outside of Scrambase.”

2022 Main State Highlights: NSW v QLD – Game I.

The Cherry-Evans tried to put the Maroons in front and a few minutes later a four-pointer near Val Holmes put the game out of NSW’s reach.

Gold says that an error like this should not be made at the origin.

“You don’t budget for it at all. I didn’t budget for it,” he said.

“It’s just a complete lack of concentration. Sometimes it comes after you take back possession or after you accept a scrum.

“It’s not a planned move (of Queensland). Daly Cherry-Evans was shocked by his life, he left untouched.

“The players didn’t stop at a scrum, there was a miscommunication at one end.

“But Daly had the experience and awareness to understand it. He also had the right-footed steps and the athleticism to keep himself there.

“It was a non-original moment. It was a lack of concentration at a crucial time.”

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