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In some ways Queensland is in a dream position this year. Not even a staunch Broncos or Cowboys supporter expected their team to finish third or fourth after 12 rounds of competition but they are still there and this has allowed Billy Slater to pick players who are in form.

The Queensland side looks very good. It has not looked so dangerous on paper since the years of the dynasty.

Having players on a team where you are enjoying yourself and having fun is a bit different from coming to the players’ camp behind regular losses. If they are happy with club football they will be really happy and confident to move to the Origin camp and this is a huge advantage for Queensland and Billy Slater.

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I can see why they dropped David Fifita. He was not in his devastating best and he was injured for weeks. Whether or not it was okay for him to return on the weekend, I don’t know, he might have wanted to play so he could make the Queensland team.

Billy is obviously choosing a direction that is in form, not just for the boys who have been there before.

I had Jeremiah Nanai and Ruben Cutter in Queensland when I picked it up. 100% feet Last week, so I have no problem that they are there. I think they are really good players.

Ruben Kotar is a full hearted player, he plays his adventure every weekend. You can’t blame him at all, he’s just a player of effort. Billy has come out of the Melbourne Storm and I have played a lot of Test football with Billy, he is big on effort rather than skillfully prioritizing players. There is no better example than Ruben Cotter, he is outstanding in all those endeavors and he will not disappoint anyone.

And Nanai is one of the best scoring back-rovers I’ve ever seen, especially the way he gets after kicking – high ball, graver, he runs a good line. He is in hot form and there is no doubt that he deserves to be there.

This aspect of Queensland worries me a lot more than other recent Queensland parties. Across the park it looks like a really strong team and it is a more talented team than they have been in recent years.

Purely on paper, this is the closest series I’ve seen in many years. The Blues dominated for many years when guys like Joey and Freddie were on top of them and then there was the year of your Queensland dynasty where they were obviously a more talented team. It’s been back in the Blues for the last four years or so but this year the talent looks really equal, so it’s a very tough series to pick. I think it’s a 50/50 series, I really do. I’m only leaning towards NSW because I’m a blue.

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One of the reasons for such a look on both sides is the blues injury. You take two people like Tommy Turbo and Lateral Mitchell away from any direction and that is a loss but I would not say that their absence takes away the aura of NSW. They still got a lot of players on the team that won the competition and the Origin series, so from that point of view it’s still a very good direction.

Turbo was NSW’s best player last year and he’s very special at the Origin level – he plays from fullback to center at club level and pops up all over the park, so he’s a loss, no doubt, he’s a loss, but the guys who replace him at center They are doing quality players themselves. Hopefully a cunning like Cotoni Stags can come and destroy Queensland and we will have another superstar there.

The Blues have picked a good squad, I’m not going to argue with that. There may be some exceptions that people may scratch their heads a little bit but when you look at the whole squad I think it’s a very good squad.

I know they’ve lost a few big guns in the last six weeks but I think it’s a good enough squad to do the job.

My team had ado-cars. But I think when you look at the selection of Daniel Tuppo there is a good case for that, he was there before and he flew for the rooster.

But when you look at recent Origin history, NSW has won three of the last four series and is the core of Ado-Car. So I think that’s why the question has been raised or people are shaking their heads about it.

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That being said, when you see Tupo’s ability to play and what the NSW team is going to come up with, it could be an aerial attack with their really big wings, Tupu is obviously going to fight against it.

On the other hand you also get a toe who is not a tall man either, so if you have two wings who are not tall then this can be a problem. Selwyn Cobo and Xavier Coates both have big jumps and they will be the target of kickers, so keeping Tupu to one side could help the Blues deal with that threat.

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Edo-car is probably also a victim of the situation. He is playing in a team that is at the bottom of the ladder. He is still playing well. In the ado-car wing, he’s used to being in a team that climbs the ladder and puts in a lot of effort. He didn’t get a chance to play for the Bulldogs this year. There is not much you can do when you are out of the wing and you are playing in a team that is not creating opportunities.

I think the ado-car case is probably a warning to other players, especially wings, that if you leave a successful club and join one of the clubs down the stairs, you are putting your representative jerseys in line. As a winger you can do a lot.

Obviously you can keep your hands up to pick up the carries that come out of your own edge, which is an important part of the core, but it’s your job to score points at the end of the day. If you are on the edge of a backline that does not give you the space and time to score those points, it can affect your chances of playing a rap foot. I think everyone knows it, I think it has always been. When players go to a batting club, it must be something they consider. And the fact that you can get জন্য 60,000- $ 100,000 per year for the rap foot game should be considered when the contract is being signed.

My team consisted of Jack Trobozevich, another one of those people who has been around since the Blues began to have success. And he was probably the first forward to be picked early. I think Jack Trobojevich, everyone knows what they will get when he’s on the side, he’s a full hearted player who puts his body in line whenever he gets on the field, so I don’t think there’s any question mark on Jake’s ability.

The other thing is that this year the game has slowed down again, it is nowhere near as fast as the last two years, with the dynamic change in the six-again rule field. I think the big man is back in it this year, so I’m not sure if the game style worked against Jake Trobozevich, I just think some guy in front of him is playing really good footy.

The ones who were selected, the ones who are not in my team are Knights players, Tyson Frigel and Jacob Saifiti. Looking at the decision not to choose Trobozevic or Ado-Carr, they are probably the two of them who look a bit out of place, because they are in the same position as their club team and they didn’t really push the door. .

Another topic of discussion for the NSW team is Joseph Swali, who is still only 18 years old. He has only played 12 first grade games but we have already seen how good he is in the air and how great an athlete he is. I hope he plays Origin in the next few years so it’s a good idea for Freddie to give him blood at camp this year so he can get a feel for that move. You may not have been able to do that in years past, but these 22-member squads create opportunities for potential young players to donate blood before they join the team.

Origin is a different animal, it’s very full, so the players must be overwhelmed if they are not there and don’t see it from the inside, so I think it’s really smart to get him used to it from Freddy.

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