Stephen Curry’s all-time NBA Finals performance saved the Golden State Warriors,

Stephen Curry scored 43 points to give the Golden State Warriors a 107-97 lead in the 107-97 win over the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals, and sent the series back to San Francisco in a pair of two games.

Curry added 10 rebounds and made a pair of 10-0 fourth-quarter runs that turned a four-point Boston edge into a 100-94 Golden State lead. The Celtics missed six shots in that span.

For the Warriors, Andrew Wiggins had 17 points and 16 boards, who will host five games at AEST on Tuesday. If necessary, they will retain the home-court advantage in the seventh match.

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Jayson Tatum had 23 points and 11 rebounds, but managed just one basket during the entire fourth quarter game. For Boston, Jillian Brown rebounded 21 points and Robert Williams III rebounded 12.

Fans at TD Garden have seen a T-shirt on their seats with 17 NBA Championship banners in front of them, what could be the final time this season. There was an empty rectangle where the 18th would go.

Now the Celtics need to win at least one more time in San Francisco to fill the void.

For the most part in the Wide Crowd game, the Warriors’ big man blows up Drymond Green, telling him something obscene that is usually reserved for Bucky Dent, and making fun of many of his misses. The four-time All-Star finished 1 of 7 shots কিন্তু but with nine rebounds and eight assists দুই two points.

Curry’s ankle was a problem after Boston’s Al Harford came down three late in the game, but it didn’t seem to bother him in the fourth game: he played 41 minutes – only spent more time on the court for the Wiggins Warriors – and 7-of-14 from the three-point range. Made 14 shots out of 26.

Williams was listed as a suspect in the game due to a knee injury at the end of the regular season and at the start of the playoffs. He started strong with 10 rebounds in the first half, but stuck to the bench in the second half and last minute.

He played 31 minutes and finished with seven points with four assists and two blocked shots.

The Warriors won the third quarter for the fourth game in a row, but not as decisively as before.

Golden State came out of the break at 30-24, ending Boston’s six-point lead with 14-7. Curry scored 14 points in the quarter, four three-pointers.

The Warriors outscored Celtic by a combined score of 136-87 in the final.

This time, it was the fourth quarter that was decisive.

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