Steven May calls for quitting alcohol after Jake Melaksham quarrel, Melbourne Demons

Why Cornelius Melbourne star Steven McKay has applied for a self-imposed alcohol ban after an alcoholic quarrel with a teammate that led to his dismissal by the club.

The All-Australian defender has been suspended for a club-imposed match over his feud with teammate Jack Melkosham at a popular restaurant. It was revealed that May was drinking when she was advised not to follow the AFL’s Convention Protocol.

Despite the incident and the history of off-field alcohol-related issues in May, Melbourne president Kate Rafi said the club would not ask the 29-year-old to give up alcohol, much to Kurnes’ surprise.

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“It’s Steven May’s history and it’s all about alcohol. Many of the problems he has had since he was in the AFL system have been alcohol-related,” he told Nine’s. Footy is categorized.

“I’m really surprised he didn’t come out this week and say, ‘Look, I’m going to at least ban alcohol.’

“Now, whether it’s for the rest of the season or until the end of the final, I don’t know, but if you’re a footballer struggling to kick a goal, you work into it.

“If this is your Achilles heel, and problems related to it keep coming up, you’ll solve it. You’re an elite athlete, and I’m surprised Kate didn’t say it was a problem.”

May’s fight with Melxam coincided with a slump in form that saw the reigning premiers drop three games in a row after a 17-match winning streak last season.

Steven May’s Sled Revealed

Ascendant the Great Matthew Lloyd suggested that the club’s off-field leaders could again make disciplinary decisions at the hands of the players.

“Now it’s three weeks in a row that they’ve lost and they’re passing,” he said Footy is categorized.

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“It’s interesting that they’re starting games really well, but getting extra, then you have to ask, ‘Do we need to be as fit as we are? Is this the type of game? Is it our lifestyle?’

“These are all questions now that maybe the off-field administration can start taking a little more responsibility and go, ‘OK, we trusted you as a player, but now we’re not really getting a response on the field that we like’

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