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Melbourne forward Brandon Smith, one of the most colorful characters in the rugby league, gave another invaluable TV interview on Thursday night.

While talking to former Storm teammate Cameron Smith after his team’s win over the Manly Sea Eagles, Brandon made some ridiculous calls at Melbourne’s AAMI Park.

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“Do you think your old captain would let you go with that hair?” James Brassey of Nine asked Brandon, who was playing a bleached-blonde hairdo.

“Probably not, to be honest. He would have been jealous,” Smith smiled.

Cameron: “Very jealous”

Brandon: “There’s still a lot of hair here … it looks like it’s making a comeback, actually”.

Cameron: “Hey, cheesy, cheesy. It was a punishment, didn’t it, mate?”

Brandon: “Yeah, yeah, of course. Me and (Cameron) Munster were 30 seconds late in a meeting. You know how the guys go, and you have to roll a dice.”

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Cameron: “All viewers, let’s say one thing directly: it’s not by choice.”

Munster strip ball, trap try

Smith: “Do you think I’m abusive, or what?”

Bracey spoke with a compliment to Storm Taker, who is set to leave for the roosters at the end of the season.

“You always look ugly, cheese,” Bressi said.

Cameron was not kind.

“I like the natural color, buddy. Go back to brown,” Cameron said.

Brandon: “Thanks, man. I think you and Lucky (Darren Lucky) are chatting.”

Nine panels burst into laughter.

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