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There aren’t many Australian cricketers in the last two decades who have a longer highlight reel than Andrew Symonds.

Whether it was a six over the bowler’s head or a dazzling effort on the field, the man known as “Roy” had a walking ad about how to play cricket in the most exciting way possible.

But Australia – and the world – has taken a break to commemorate the life of a man who died tragically in a car crash at the age of 46. There is a video that will play more than any other video.

In the picture: The incredible career of Andrew Symonds

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Read more: Cricket legend Andrew Symonds has died at the age of 46

To many Aussie sports lovers, the lasting memory of Symonds is the responsibility on his shoulders to equalize a nude striker during a one-day international in Gabba in 2008.

Former Australian Test cricketer Andrew Symonds has died at the age of 46

The naked man forced the game off when he ran on the field, creating a bellline for Symonds, who batted for Australia.

As the striker approached, Symonds skillfully dropped his shoulder into the intruder and sent the man into the air, then fell to the ground.

This is probably a perfect reflection of the man who made a name for himself not only for his cricketing prowess, but also for his fun-loving and lurking demeanor.

Last year, the famous striker reflected on the incident in an interview with Symonds News Corporation.

He was responding to Australian football star Sam Kerr’s own run-in with a pitch attacker, where he also slapped the man who had foolishly walked too close.

“Obviously we were born quite strongly in Australia and we are not stepping back,” Symonds said.

Symonds great run out

“There’s a lot of adrenaline in the heat of the competition and it can be frustrating when someone interrupts the match.

“Sammy obviously took things into his own hands when he couldn’t catch the security block, which is great for him. He’s an icon and obviously knows how to handle himself. I want him to buy a beer and chat about it.”

“I still ask all the time about my bump in 2008.

“It’s one of the only things that keeps coming up and people like to talk.

Symonds show great catching ability

“Pitch attackers may think striking across the field is fun but in the end it’s a lack of respect for athletes.

“I’m not sure how he got a yellow card for the bump. I want to see if he broke any rules to be honest.

“My advice to her is to just keep to herself. She seems passionate and widely acclaimed. If she’s not already a cult figure, then she must be now. Good for her.”

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