Super Rugby Pacific 2022 Award Shawn Maloney Between Two Post Columns

Okay, it was a regular season-end round we didn’t see anyone coming, but we were all glued.

Upside down after upset, underdog after underdog Super Rugby Pacific is getting closer to more shock results.

It was a crazy ending to a fantastic opening season of the competition.

Thus, it is time to throw some prizes.

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Game of the Year

With all these ‘full game replay’ status from Andrew Mehertens, here are some really good options. Between the two posts.

You can do this at Stan Sport.

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Winner: Blues vs. Hurricanes (Round 2)

It was the last blues of the Blues season record but it took some Hurricane whimsy to get results.

Playing in front of an empty stadium in Dunedin, it was left to commentators Tony Johnson and Justin Marshall.

Great call, great game.

Drew’s terrible and challenging

Runner-up: Chiefs vs. Drua (Round 15)

Our latest and greatest entry around.

Playing in front of the most electric crowd seen in Super Rugby, Drua has gone between two points to stun the Chiefs.

Trying to trademark offensive from the home team, sideline hype work – it’s a beautiful.

Danny Toala’s stunning match-winner

Season upset

Winner: Pacific Ocean

In order to find out the content of this award winning decision, I have been following the bookies’ differences for both.

Moana Pacifica’s win against the Hurricanes in Friday’s thriller took the winner’s trophy by the shortest margin here.

In one of the craziest endings of this year’s game, Danny Toala flew late to get an unlikely win and in the process their first Super Rugby W.

Runner-up: Waratahs

The result of Waratah’s great, omnipotent victory over the Crusaders at Leichhardt Oval that once again convinced the NSW of the code.

If you are wondering what the combined disadvantages of these two games were, well, 243-1 answers.

Rookie of 2022

We got MVP to come after the final, but we can wrap up the rookie now.

To qualify, players will not be able to play a single minute of Super Rugby before 2022.

Drua Speedster torches the Reds

Winner: Binoy Habsi (Drua)

Some call him ‘Binaya the Flyer’, I went with ‘Big Boss Man’.

Whichever way you roll, he’s the undisputed breakout star of 2022.

His rise to the best rookie of the year was well documented when he was told by doctors that he would be able to play again after losing 25kg of weight after a terrible blood transfusion.

Habosi kept his hand out of doubt with his hand in the 100m effort over the weekend.

Toso Habosi.

Runner-up: Timosi Tavatavanawai (Moyana)

The Giants winger has beaten more tacklers than any other player in the competition to advance to Round 14.

Every time he touched the ball, you held your breath, knowing that someone was going to drop or run.

I don’t know who is signing for Moana but I hope TT is locked in for a few years. Something could happen.

The best team of the year

Winner: Waratahs

Last year was statistically the worst season in NSW history.

They could not win a single match. No one saw them inside or outside the stadium, there were inconsistent chats at the club from those who had already left. It was as serious as it gets.

Not now. In the pre-season they were aiming for two to three wins, saying they would be happy with it. Well, at least they didn’t go down without explaining themselves first.

Not only did they make it to the finals, the players who were below where they wanted to be before, they did well too.

The vast rugby public of the state is also on board again, it is better to be a fan once again. It may end this weekend, but even if it does, they are proud of themselves.

Sullivan nail game winner for the Blues

Runner-up: Blues

With the last heroism of Zaron Sullivan on Saturday, the Blues won a club record 13th win.

They are thrilled and have billed themselves as teams to watch throughout that race, playing a lightning fast game that sees their supercharged backs do some amazing things.

They will go to the final with the right tournament favorites and confidence.

Australia’s dramatic London Sevens win

And finally …

The Aussie men’s Sevens team has overcome a first-up pool defeat to New Zealand, going on to beat their opponent in the final of the London Sevens.

Henry Patterson was the protagonist in extra time, also a bunkers final game.

Coach John Manenti has done a great job with the squad, which has only a handful of full-time players.

The win was the Aussie’s first title in the UK since 2010 and they have a real chance to claim the entire series when it ends in August.

See you tonight Between the two posts Meherts and Aussie Sevens with world champion Dom du Toit.

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