Super Rugby Pacific 2022 Fijian Drua Chief Score Match Report Highlights

Chiffara held on to a rapidly declining lead to beat Fijian Drua 35-34 in a thrilling match on Saturday that allowed them to advance to the home quarterfinals of Super Rugby Pacific.

The last match of Drew’s opening season in Super Rugby was played in front of a crowded house in Churchill Park, Lautoka, Fiji.

Every inch of the field was full and spectators occupied every tree or other facility that looked out over the field to see one of the most exciting matches of the season.

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With just 14 minutes left in the match, the Chiefs led 35-13 and they must have felt that the work was done in hot, humid and sapping conditions.

Drewya made a remarkable comeback, making three attempts in the last 10 minutes to make the match a cliffhanger.

The Dravidians attacked from all over, and the tired Chiffars were only able to hold on to the important points needed to secure a finish in the top four.

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“I thought we played one of them and got out of jail free card against the rebels a few weeks ago but it turns out we got two,” said Chiefs captain Brad Weber.

“We feel more relieved than anything. Man, hat-off per Drewer. That last 10 or 15 minutes they were incredible. I haven’t seen him score that in my entire career. It seems incredibly lucky to be able to win.”

Weber made an effort for winger Emoni Narawar as the Chiefs were 21-7 ahead at half time.

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Prop Angus Tavao and Flyhoff Brian Gatland tried in the first 20 minutes and gave Weber’s touchdown chiefs a comfortable advantage just before the break.

Chifra went even further with a second attempt at Fiji-born Narawa and tried to control the game when they were awarded a penalty in the 66th minute, with a lead of 22 points.

Roaring by the crowd, Drua refuses to be denied.

They hit a counter-attack first in a great counter-attack on Calaveti Ravouu and five more minutes later joined the vote in Episalom.

Chiffra began to feel the pressure at 35-27.

The stadium erupted when replacement prop Timosi Sauvolli scored below the post with one minute of the clock and the conversion threw the Chiefs’ lead to one point.

Drua took a final hold but the match ended before they could win their rally.

“In a few years, it’s going to be a really tough place to play, especially for the New Zealand team,” Weber said.

“I think it’s about one degree in Hamilton and you’re here and with the humidity it’s 30 degrees, so it’s not easy.” – Auxiliary printing press

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