Super Rugby Pacific Round 13 2022 News

Man oh man, Super Rugby Pacific was bursting at the seams over the weekend, a Friday-to-Sunday action that began to cut with 25 Test players in Canberra. Twenty five !!!!

Throughout the day after Thursday’s World Cup announcement there were thrillers, lots of tackles, some great effort and an all-round vibe.

I have to lie down so today’s column came from the couch where I see Stan’s old school. ‘Hey blue, why is there no ice in my lemon?’

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Inner West Wonderland

For 43 glorious minutes, Waratah fans dared to dream of their men claiming a second upset win against New Zealand’s heavyweight outfit. In the awful, humid environment they played the footy you might expect on a dry track of bones. The passing and handling was fairly brilliant, honestly. The real highlight was the long ball looping from Rahboni Warren-Vosayako and Jade Holloway, and Easy Perez’s try assist.

Incredibly, it happened in front of 11,531 home fans, their best voter of the year and three times the number shown this time in 2021.

# Reset22 was the pre-season motto, they have already fulfilled that mantra and much more.

Possible magic

Chaos erupted inside the Leachhard Oval commentary box, as a dog-sized pose was circling, Morgan trying to take a bite out of Turinui’s organic, gluten-free lemon and myrtle biscuits. It also took a real glimpse into the bucket of hot chips Drew Mitchell and his family had.

Fortunately, gun cameraman Eli Williamu ran off the deck to protect the huge marsupial from the side before sinking his teeth.

Where all the good people go

Friday’s Brumbies vs. Crusaders showcases several of their previous encounters on the same field that led to a full stadium.

Really, the fans hung the raft.

So why, in 2022, when it was 2 v 3, with 25 Test players on display, the crowd was less than 8000?

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In addition to the outstanding footballers on both sides and the quality of their play, Hot Chips and Pie are being sold at 2004 prices. There was no winter night in the capital.

So why were so many seats empty?

Where did everyone go?

Wright turns the Crusaders inside out

Smith and Starlow

The two men who played for the Brumbies while having the hottest tickets in town were awarded last week for their service of the year, with George Smith and Stiring Mortlock inducted into their Hall of Fame.

Two more popular players that you will have a hard time finding.

Nowadays, both are still associated with rugby, with Georgian clothing company Paladin and with Sterillo Ball technology guru Sportable.

The power of the Pacific

The opening clash between Fijian Drua and Moana Pacific did not disappoint.

In the first season, both have done it ruthlessly away from home but have continued to serve class rugby week out.

What makes the Saturday afternoon scene a little more special is the post-game gathering of both sides.

Lots of upset

Shoot Sheed’s unexpectedness continues again in Newcastle, overtaking Hunter Wildfire Manly Marlins on the table.

‘Bubba’ Coleman’s coach, who claims he taught Brother Darren everything, stopped the Wildfires with a quick-finishing manly costume with 85 minutes of play.

Form guides are being torn down in weekly shots, leaving us most open during the first six weeks of the competition year.

Who gives?

Which crusaders had to lean on the advice of the former Super Rugby referee at the Blackjack table at the Team Hotel in Canberra?

‘No mate, don’t hit 16 when the dealer is sitting in the sixes.’ প্রায় Repeatedly and firmly.

Good work gold dust

Congratulations to Marilyn’s former first-class coach Matt ‘Goldie’ McGoldrick who completed the SMH Half Marathon on Sunday.

Rising from a non-existent base, he dropped 15kg and operated his bust pins to complete the course in less than two hours.

Former Wallace Adam Freer also recently finished the LA Marathon, a huge effort from both.

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