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Olympic champion Kyle Chalmers said it was “unfortunate” to portray Cody Simpson as a “villain” for stealing Cody Simpson’s place in the Australian squad for the upcoming World Championships, and a love triangle behind his backflip.

Simpson finished third behind Matthew Temple and Chalmer in the 100m butterfly at the Australian Swimming Championships.

At the time, it was believed that Chalma would miss out on the world title, which meant Simpson could claim one of the team’s two places by swimming while qualifying.

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But the 23-year-old has now confirmed that he is considering a U-turn and could take his place on the team instead, meaning Simpson will miss out.

His backflip suggests revenge that Simpson is dating swimming queen Emma McEwen, who was linked to Chalmers last year.

Talking to 2Day FM Hughesi, Ed and Erin, The rumor mongers say the rumors are fabricated.

“It’s very sad. It’s the biggest joke I’ve ever heard to be honest with you,” he said.

“I started a butterfly. I wanted to be a butterfly all my career, my body didn’t allow me.

“It is very special for me to just be able to swim the butterfly and something that I am very proud of … I need all the inspiration to be able to go back to the event I grew up in and did.”

“Unfortunately I am the person who has to stand up and apologize and be the villain when what I did was given for my sport and in this last eight years my country has been given everything. The Australian was on the swimming team.”

Speaking to reporters in Adelaide, the 2016 Rio gold medalist said he would make a call for a world title over the weekend.

“For me, I need to have a serious meeting with my coach and the team around me and discuss this over the next few days,” Chalmers said.

“Of course I was looking at my preparation eight weeks ago and I wasn’t in the pool at all, probably not going to swim, probably never going to swim again. I had a lot of pain in my shoulder. I was. I was very burnt.

“I think so [going to worlds] Going forward is going to be the best thing for me personally. “

Chalmers said it would be unfair to portray the situation as a Chalmer vs. Simpson scenario.

“You can’t get me out as a villain,” Chalmers said. “Yeah, it’s unfortunate that it probably took Cody’s place but it did take five others.” [places] Who were in competition. It’s not just Cody.

“I think the hard thing is my training buddy Matt Temple is the Australian record holder who won the title again and again last night. There is no attention or publicity around him that fights the hardest for me. Worth to be on the side. “

Although Chalmars’ backflip will push Simpson out of the squad for the June World Cup in Budapest, the pop star is still in line for a place in the squad for the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, where Australia can take up to three swimmers in each event.

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