Sydney Luke Parker Dylan Schill scolds, Matthew Lloyd responds, Swann loses

Ascendant legend Matthew Lloyd says he wants Dylan Schill and his bomber teammates to side with Sydney’s Luke Parker as the midfielder is seen insulting his opponent during Swan’s 58-point win on Saturday night.

With Sydney Well at the top near the midfield point of the match, Parker, after kicking a goal, bounced back to the rock and was seen mocking the midfielder around the ball, shaking his shoulder in an attempt to make fun of him.

Lloyd said Parker’s actions were a clear example of disrespect, and he said he would “go straight to Parker” in response.

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“You never want to be in life or be disrespected in any way. I thought Dylan Schill was disrespected in a way that you never wanted to be a footballer,” Lloyd told Nine’s. Sunday footy show.

“I used to cultivate Parker straight here, take him to the ground and say, ‘You will never treat me like that again.’

“I’d give him a cannon. Better if you don’t give a free kick … Dylan Schill isn’t that kind of player, but I’d like someone else to do it. For him.”

The rate for Ascendon puts them 16th on the ladder, with just two wins in nine games.

Lloyd said he hoped Ascendant coach Ben Rutten would use Parker’s rhetoric as a way to recover from some of the “damage.”

“I think it’s going to be something Ben Rutten would show and say that’s how you see Dylan and that’s how we’re seen as a team. Where did the mischief go?” He said.

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“You can’t be as talented as the other team, but the effort doesn’t come in – 30 tackles say it all, lack of defense says it all. They’re pretty good and there’s no ruthless streak. It would be nice to see you, ”he said.

“You have to start somewhere … I’m not going to push anyone tomorrow, I’m going to make a statement that you’re not going everywhere and they’re going everywhere.”

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