Team Tszyu to fight Jermal Charlo over WBO mandatory title defense order

The World Boxing Organization (WBO) has instructed undisputed Super Welterweight Champion Germel Charlow to fight against Team CGU of Australia.

Defeating Terrell Gausha in Minnesota on March 27 by unanimous decision is a mandatory challenge for the Shizuo title.

The WBO has written to both parties, advising them that they have until June 20 to reach an agreement.

“The WBO World Championship Committee hereby instructs the teams to begin negotiations for the aforementioned WBO Junior Middleweight Compulsory Championship,” it said in a statement.

“Please be advised that after receiving this letter, the parties have twenty (20) days to reach an agreement. If an agreement is not reached within the stipulated time frame here, a purse bid will be ordered according to the WBO rules of the world. Championship competition.”

Last month, Charlo blew up the idea of ​​fighting Tszyu, who fell out early in his fight with Gausha.

“Didn’t she drop out? That mom — got out. She dropped out,” Charlo said.

“It’s a different kind of heat here in America, baby. It’s a different kind of heat in America.

“How many Team Two, whatever their name, how much did they get? How much money did they get? F — You and Tim Casu, change the mic.”

More to come.

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