Thank God the Barcelona season is over

Barcelona lost 2-0 to Villarreal at home on Sunday. This season, according to their custom, the hosts dominate the possession, filling almost twice as many passes as their guests and firing four to 15 empty shots for the yellow submarine; This season they had a habit, they could not punch creativity or touch or precision – juice. Players at Barcelona’s half-standard club will never have to rely on ridiculous defensive errors committed by the spectators to both goals. It was ugly; It sucked; I was hoping that they could send Luke de Jung there so that they could hope for a late goal, and when they didn’t, I was horrified to see my frustration. None of this, however, can brighten up Sunday’s great news for Barcelona fans everywhere: the season is over, and no one will have to watch them play again for a while.

My family and I spent most of the last week away from home in New York, visiting the Defector Gang and working with the silly tourists. (It swayed.) We had to board the train back home on Sunday afternoon at the start of our initial trip; All week I was hoping to miss the Barcelona season final, and I had an idea that it was a left. We then decided on Friday evening that we should occupy the seats available on our previous train so that we could open and decompress the pack before returning to the office and school on Sunday afternoon. We were in Delaware when I thought it meant I could catch the Barcelona game to the end, and when I discovered at once I felt like you thought you had a dentist appointment. : Bleccchhhh.

For good reason. I would like to draw your attention to the 55th minute events on Sunday, ব্যাখ্যা to explain At first, a tactical return to touch Torres resulted in a foul and a free kick at the very edge of Villarreal’s box. The free kick takes a corner; The corner led to a hopeless, runaway, mile-wide 25-yard effort by Jordi Alber; Villarreal’s next goal kick immediately led the spectators to the descent into the Barcelona defense. If you’ve been to Barcelona this season, you’ve seen that sequence, with minor variations, about 900 times.

What happened next seems to be familiar, if not detailed, in its overall character. The lines behind Bar বারa, the people in this example, Dani Alves and Clement Langlett, could not figure out who to identify with; Villarreal’s Alfonso Pedraza, who scored their first goal by running behind the sleeping Adama Travar, ran behind him again; This time Trevor was caught cutting a goal line pass on the left side of the box, where he made the crazy mistake of clearing the ball. Directly to the penalty spot, Where Villarreal’s wide-open Moi Gomez collected it and hit the second goal for the spectators. It was a form of defensive play that caused a 10-year-old to shout in shock and panic at teammates when he did it in a piss-wi league. This is exactly what Barcelona looked like this season. More vaguely, the Barcelona player had to rely on Caliber Traore.

What a miserable season! Give credit to the club legend Xavi, who was brought in as manager in November to remedy the devastating state of football and public relations in the club, all the credit for the work desperately needed to return to the Champions League at any cost. The results, at least, improved sharply under his direction; If this is a proof for most players who join the club and / or come back healthy after their appointment, well, well, then of course it is also a kind of proof of his qualities as a coach and leader. Soccer itself, and especially for its aesthetic qualities, all of which are pure puppies, sweaty and brainless and one-dimensional, virtually never had a 19-year-old pedestrian on the field. Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you. To see Barcelona under Xavi, almost under his destructive predecessor Ronald Koeman, is to see… OK, what is Barcelona now: a club that cannot afford Both Dignity And The water bill of its stadium, and for the sake of the latter draws a red line through the east.

Even the slightest self-justified consolation of hard injury fate — Pedri, Gerard Pique, Ansu Fati, and Sergino Dest কিছু are some of the first team players who were significantly disrupted during the season, and Usman Dembele did not take the pitch until November — not for Bar বারa and his fans. A club of Barcelona size and prominence that has not spent its time in the dark depths of debt-hell and mismanaged, can never be reduced to terrorizing Adama Fracking Traore, terrified by the struggles of Abdel Pagla Izzaljauli; The 32-year-old Pierre-Emerick insane Aubameyang never had to look for a temporary savior when everything went wrong when he borrowed Luke de Freaking Jung. Brawls all around.

It could be worse. The ugly thing is done: the second place finish in La Liga, despite all these embarrassing crosses, is guaranteed to win next season’s Champions League, excluding all those obscene touchlines. The present, with compassion, is over, and so it is possible for fans to argue in different ways for a fictional but admirable-bright future, instead of thinking of Apocalypse. If the club sells to Frankie de Jung a bunch of name-brands 35-year-olds who can’t make it out of the Champions League quarter-finals, I’d plunge my television into a ditch.

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