That’s great! Yankees fans are the best fans of the sport, for sure

As a heroic, selfless, handsome fan of the New York Yankees, the sports world shed tears on Monday evening (all the unnecessary adjectives to describe the Yankees fans, of course). . This, viewers agree, is further proof that Yankees fans are good people and probably the only good people left in this world.

Towards the end of the game against the Orioles — a comfortable Yankees win, naturally, as a reward for goodness on the field একজন a Yankees fan in the right seat somehow manages to get the ball. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But what happened next really showed his pinstripe heart. The Yankees fan gave the ball — just gave it! কেto a small child sitting next to him.

Fewer men would be given a break if this baby was equipped with Orioles gear. As we all know, Orioles is a disgusting franchise, widely hated for frustrating the labor market, kicking puppies and taking two of the three from New York in early April (still the Yankees have lost only one series this season). Perhaps the man noticed that the pin the baby was wearing read, “Today is my first Orioles game!” In this case, the child’s phantom is not his fault, and it may not be too late to show him the right path.

The child, whose baseball ignorance undoubtedly gathered from watching a non-Yankee team, immediately returned the ball to the field.

But the drama didn’t end there, as a Yankees fan graciously helped her little ones and saw her gift go to waste (tiny MLB revenue sharing, a wag could describe it).

Yankees center fielder Aaron Hicks, a kind man, a family man, picks up the ball from the alert track and throws it back into the seat, where others eventually return the ball to the young Orioles boy. What lessons have I learned here? Whose mistakes will only be forgiven, and mistakes will be corrected by Fiat? That being beautiful will let you get away with something? That an MLB team could frustrate its potential service team and refuse to spend its revenue sharing money and that would have no consequences? For shame, for shame.

Ah, but then, the pressure of the moral universe has shifted to the Bronx. Orioles, so accustomed to rewarding moderation, gave the child a ৷ The second After persuading the father of the baseball child — who behaves so politely, we can assume that he actually wants to be a secret Yankees fan, or at least one — the child returned the second ball to the Yankees fan who gave him the first one. Justice! Respect! Rewards! All part of a normal day in the life of a Yankees fan.

I’m glad the rest of the world got to see this game. Perhaps we could have built a kind, advanced civilization if we were just trying to be more like Yankees fans.

Published: The author is a Yankees fan. You probably already know that he is very talented.

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