The 24th lawsuit has been filed against Deshaun Watson

On Monday morning, a 24-year-old Browns quarterback filed a civil lawsuit against Desaun Watson, alleging that Watson had exposed himself to her during a massage session. The plaintiff, Katie Williams, stated that she finished the massage when she began masturbating in front of him, but he continued to masturbate and then ejaculate on her.

The lawsuit states that “the plaintiff has now come forward after reading that Desan Watson has declared that he has no regrets and that he has done nothing wrong.”

Last week he was the second plaintiff to quote Watson “I have no regrets” The remarks, inspired by the lawsuit, were echoed by Watson’s legal team in an interview with HBO that aired on May 24. In March, at his introductory press conference with the Cleveland Browns, Watson was asked if he had any regrets. “I have no regrets,” he told reporters. “Things that came out of the field at the moment surprised me because I didn’t do what these people are complaining about.”

The 24th plaintiff is a massage therapist, and the lawsuit does not specify whether he was licensed (a search of his name did not appear in the state database), but did say that he had just graduated from Massage Therapy School when Watson set a session in August 2020. Contacted him for.

The plaintiff said he spoke to Watson on the phone before the first session was scheduled and told him that he “really wanted to support the black business.” According to the lawsuit, he added that Watson told him, “I want you to be comfortable. You don’t have to wear your scrub.”

The plaintiff stated that Watson wanted to schedule a session that same night, but he decided to schedule the next day, August 5, 2020, in the afternoon because, according to the lawsuit, “it made him more comfortable.”

The lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff ran his own business and did not have many clients as his business was new. He sessions outside his apartment and says his first session with Watson was “professional”. She says she asked to have her inner thigh massaged and wanted a towel because she didn’t like the standard dropping she used. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff said that when Watson left, he told her, “Just keep it between us.”

He said Watson contacted him again a few days later to schedule a second session for the afternoon of August 9, 2020 at his apartment. This time, he said, Watson requested a small towel and “insisted on starting the massage while lying face down.”

“During the massage,” the lawsuit states, “Watson’s voice became more aggressive as he repeatedly claimed that he went higher into her inner thigh, causing his hand to touch her testicles.”

The lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff was intimidated because Watson was in his apartment, “and he was much larger and stronger than the plaintiff.” He said Watson then had an erection that caused the towel to fall off. He said he started masturbating in front of her, so he stopped massaging immediately.

“Apparently a response to the plaintiff’s face,” the lawsuit says, “Watson told the plaintiff. ‘Rest, it’s okay to touch.’

According to the lawsuit, Watson then stood up and began to masturbate, asking the plaintiff, “Where do you want to keep me?” According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was shocked and could not speak. The lawsuit alleges that Watson ejaculated in the plaintiff’s chest and mouth. The lawsuit states that he quickly left the house and went to the bathroom, and Watson did not give an explanation for his behavior.

This 24th case begins with three paragraphs about Watson’s “annoying pattern of behavior.” It says Watson searched for “strangers on Instagram” for “more than 100” massage sessions.

Watson’s defense attorney, Rusty Hardin, also made his way into the text of the case. “Watson’s lawyer claims that a ‘happy ending’ is a common occurrence in massage therapy, and the lack of payment for it, such behavior is not a crime,” the lawsuit states.

On Friday morning, Hardin and law partner Leah Graham appeared at Houston’s Sports 610. At the very end of his 42-minute long presence, he started an unprepared defense of Watson.

“I don’t know how many men out there have massaged that, perhaps, sometimes there was a happy ending. Okay, “said Hardin.” There’s probably no one in the audience who never happened. I want to point out that if it did, it’s not a crime, okay? It’s not a crime to do something. It’s not a crime to do or say something or something that makes you uncomfortable. And so we’ve found two grand juries and nobody seems to want to hear. “

By 4:30 that afternoon, Hardin had already returned his comments. “I mentioned that it is not illegal for a massage to have a ‘happy ending’, which means that it is not illegal for someone to have sex with a therapist after the massage unless the sex is paid for,” he told reporters. “Desan did not pay anyone for sex. I was using the word imaginary and not describing the events of Desoun. “

Since starting his career for Watson, Hardin has felt that any sexual activity between Watson and the women who sued him was consensual. May 23, the day before HBO Real sports As the segment aired, Hardin got more specific during an appearance In line, A sports and legal podcast. He told host Gabe Feldman that Watson had “only three times” had “any kind of sexual activity” with a plaintiff and that the activity was consensual. “It’s three out of 22 massages,” he said. He said the women started communicating and it only happened after the massage session was over.

In the HBO segment, Real Sports’ Bryant Gamble said Hardin’s team repeatedly declined their interview requests while they were working in the segment, but “they asked at the 11th hour if they could still be heard.” So the day before the segment aired, Hardin’s presence was posted on a sports law podcast, Real sports Reporter Soledad O’Brien interviewed Graham, who reiterated Hardin’s confession that Watson had consensual sex with three plaintiffs.

Graham told HBO, “In each massage, I will tell you that she only went for a professional massage, and only three cases where sexual behavior – consensual sexual activity – happened after the massage session was over,” Graham told HBO. “And Mr. Watson testified and insisted that sexual activity was initiated by the plaintiff in each case.

The 24th case spells out how Tony Buzzby, the lawyer representing the plaintiffs and his team, planned to use Hardin’s “happy ending” remarks in the trial. “Watson’s attorneys have stated that it is not a crime to ‘discomfort’ a massage therapist because of the behavior described here,” the lawsuit states. “The public comments made by Watson’s defense team demonstrate a belief system that explains Watson’s behavior: when Watson contacted a random massage therapist for a massage on Instagram, the therapist’s unknown, Watson wanted more than a massage – his ‘things’ were being used. Celebrity to turn a massage session into something more.

Four of the plaintiffs currently suing Watson have claimed that he offered them more than just a massage.

The sixth lawsuit states: “Watson was upset and told him he would pay the plaintiff extra money to work in the area.”

The 11th lawsuit states: “Watson asked the plaintiff if he did ‘more’ than professional physical labor ‘for more money’.”

The 15th lawsuit states: “Watson told her not to be afraid to touch him. Plaintiff told Watson that he was not paid to do so. Watson then responded by saying that it was he who paid for it.

The 17th lawsuit states: “Watson told the plaintiff that he would pay extra and said, ‘Don’t worry, no one will know.'”

Last week, a 23rd plaintiff filed a civil lawsuit against Watson, alleging that for more than three massage sessions, Watson exposed himself to her, asking her if he wanted his penis in her mouth, an erection, and her Tried to touch the semen, touched her “in the middle of her legs” and requested that she have sex with him.

That 23rd plaintiff, Nia Smith, told her story publicly in a YouTube interview last July, but the lawsuit says she didn’t originally want to sue because she didn’t want the “abuse and ugliness” that brings lawsuits against the public. Image Case says he changed his mind after seeing it Real sports Fragments about other lawsuits, and Watson himself after hearing the claim tHat has no regrets.

In his lawsuit, Smith said his boss, Dion Louis, was “obsessed with Watson” at the time and was stuck working with Watson even though he was uncomfortable because Louis said he wanted to keep Watson happy.

Smith said in his lawsuit that Louis “took advantage of the massage for Watson and knew Watson was trying to have sex with them.” He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

Defector spoke to Louis last August and he denied knowing anything about Watson’s behavior during the massage session. USA Today received a copy of Louis’s pretrial statement, in which he stated that Watson paid him $ 5,000 because his business was fighting during COVID-19 and “he was a wonderful man, really, really nice guy.”

In his lawsuit, Smith included a screenshot of a text by Louis showing a অ্যাপ 5,000 cash app payment from Watson. Louis said in the text, “I told you that I would show you how to get money from men. This is my specialty.”

Graham says USA Today That Watson is looking to support black-owned businesses.

As news of the 24th case spread, Watson was playing golf At the Cleveland Browns Foundation’s annual golf tournament.

The Browns maintain that they stand by the research they did before offering Watson a fully guaranteed, record-breaking deal. If this is true, these new and mounting cases will not be surprising, and we can only hope that they add nothing more than that. We will run the legal process New complaints are coming every time.

July 1 is the cut-off for the pre-trial discovery, which seems to be the logical end point for the NFL’s own ongoing investigation into Watson.

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