The AFL mid-season trade time could be ‘legitimate tanking’, Eddie said

The AFL has been warned about the possibility of adding a mid-season trade time, fearing it could be “legitimate tanking” from clubs down the ladder.

Returning to 2019 after a 26-year hiatus, the mid-season draft has been a resounding success, suggesting that a mid-season trade season could provide even more excitement.

However, former Collingwood president Eddie McGuire warned that this could lead to more problems and inequality, a point that was echoed by Caroline Wilson of The Age.

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“I don’t mind interfering in the list management industry. I understand the mid-season draft, although I wasn’t a fan in the beginning,” Wilson told Nine’s. Footy is categorized.

“I don’t like it (a potential mid-season trade period). I think it leads to more inequality between clubs. Not only is (encouraging) tanking legal, it also affects the integrity of the competition to the top.”

“I think it will be compromised because certain clubs can sign contracts in the middle of the season and others can’t. How many traditions are we going to lose?”

Former AFL coach Ross Leon has used Carlton as an example this year, citing an example of how the mid-season trade period could prove beneficial for some clubs.

“Learn to like it because it’s definitely on the agenda,” he said Footy is categorized.

“(Jacob) Waiting goes down, (Jeremy) McGovern, your brother is playing in Carlton.

“What will Carlton leave to get McGovern from the West Coast as a key defender? That could be a missing link for them.”

Fourteen of the 18 teams have been selected in the draft for the mid-2022 season this week, with the bottom-ranked West Coast Eagles picking midfielder Jay Cooley from the Dandenong Stingras in the first round.

Three clubs, Ascendon, Carlton and Hawthorne, have selected multiple players due to long-term injury or retirement.

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