The Angelos v. Angelos lawsuit alleges that Orioles is going to the country

Over the last few days I’ve gotten an old country song in a heavy whirl. It was “The Road to Baltimore” fought by the village Parsons. It’s a tune about a man in Tennessee who sells the family business and leaves his relatives behind to follow his beloved woman, who wants to move to Baltimore.

God, I like Gram Parsons. (For anonymity: Parsons was a country rock pioneer so charismatic and talented that he got the Rolling Stones to take a short break from the world’s greatest rock and roll band and leave the country almost half a century ago. After a few years of trying, Parsons’ friends then stole his body before a planned funeral and took it to the desert and burned it. How metallic?) And, what a song!

So at some point I have to thank the people responsible for finding “the streets of Baltimore”: Louis “Lu” Angelos and the rest of the Angels family fighting in Baltimore. Late last weekend, Lou filed a lawsuit against his older brother John Angelos and mother Georgia Angels in Baltimore County Circuit Court. Looks like Luo would have named country music as the culprit if he could.

The lawsuit is as sad as the Reba song. Lowe accuses her only brother of various frauds and deceptions, as well as manipulating her to support her uncle, which she describes as the hostile occupation of the people of Baltimore Orioles in 2017 after the family’s ancestor Peter Angels underwent open heart surgery and his “mental capacity began to decline.” . ” Lou has complained that since their father’s disability, John plans to close what I would call the opposite “Streets of Baltimore” and move the family-owned team from his Charm City home to Tennessee to please the man he loves. That would be John’s wife Margaret Valentine. Allegedly, John’s “wife’s career head office” is in Nashville, where he incorporates a talent management business for the country’s artists.

Lou alleges that John Angelos gets family lawyer Chris Jones, the only aspiring country musician Carter Faith, who could be Jones’ daughter, to promote his career by promoting all but Angelo except Lou and John. Lou says John and Margaret Faith were given a slot to sing the national anthem at Camden Yards’ Oriole Park in 2018, when he was still in high school (and going on stage with “Carter Faith Jones”), and later at multiple postgame gig stadiums.

“[Carter] The efforts of John and Margaret have revealed much more than he could have achieved with his own talent as an artist, ”the lawsuit says.

And soon after the high-profile O’s Giggs, Suite Lou claims that Chris Jones will only bid on John: It was transferred from silent group representation to exclusive representation of John’s interests. “

Back to me: Reading Angelos vs. Angelos reminded me of my last trip to Camden Yards. I went with my family to see the O’s against Mike Trout and Los Angeles on a Friday night in June 2018. What surprised me was that the crowds were really low to play on the summer weekend and there was a show where an unknown performer was singing country songs after the game which was not clear to me. But that memory sparked controversy in the case that it is true that John Angelos is mixing his family’s baseball business with his wife’s country music business ring.

For example, in both 2018 and 2019 there was a country show at Camden Yards every Friday night after the home game from June to August. I couldn’t find any record of Peter Angelos’s Country Music Thoughts. However the series shows the postgame, according to which Baltimore Sun. John Angelos and Valentine’s brain was invented, seemed to be “against any concert”! Shortly after the team was bought in 1993, Peter Angelos leaked the Maryland Stadium Authority for Oriole Park. According to a 2000 story Baltimore Sun., The owner of the O told the overseers of the stadium that he “will not turn it into a hockey tonk somehow.” John and Valentine, meanwhile, seem to favor arrogant tanks. (The stadium did not host its first major concert until Billy Joel played in 2019.)

And under John Angelos, Orioles also does country music shows away from Baltimore. In early 2016, the group produces a country concert series every March called “Nashville’s Music Row Comes to the Ballpark”, at Fla., O’s Spring Training Home. In 2019, country superstar Cole Swindel made headlines for the Florida showcase (and the opening work was, RK, Carter Faith). And the 2017 and 2020 Spring Training Show featured none other than Margaret Valentine in the lineup of performers. In addition to marrying the team’s CEO, Valentine is credited with writing the song for “Don’t Miss the Magic”, a tune described on as “the official music of the Baltimore Orioles.” Here is a video of Valentine singing with Jenna Cherry at a club in Nashville, a country singer and talking about Coming, and also the wife of former O’Reilly reliever Brad Brach. A sample lyric that has no place in the 2022 O theme: “Let’s go on the road!”

Hell, maybe something oozing with Lou’s stuff all over the country! If John Angelos and Valentine find their way, O’Sullivan could soon be on the field in a nude suit! And far from the streets of Baltimore!

Rumors about O’s relocation to Tennessee began a few years ago when word spread that John had a home there. According to Nashville view, He and Valentine paid about $ 2.3 million in 2016 for a house and four acres of land in Franklin, a rugged area of ​​the Music City metroplex. Public records indicate that they sold the home for 3.4 million last year and moved to Nashville accordingly. Lou apparently acted out of fear of the fans, where he listed a Nashville address for his brother in the title of the lawsuit; That address is the location of the corporate headquarters of Pound It Out Loud LLC, Valentine’s Country Artist Management Firm.

Nashville will be at or near the next city list to get the Major League Baseball franchise without the apparent country music fixation of John Angelos. A group called Music City Baseball LLC was formed to find a team for the city by 2025. Darius Rocker and Bobby Bones are among the modern country music personalities who have occasionally signed with country music personality Justin Timberlake with baseball efforts. The group’s mission statement: “Our focus is on securing Major League Baseball approval for an expansion franchise in Nashville, although the transfer and rebranding of an existing franchise will also be considered.” In other words, they’re not above accepting summer “jolen” -style boys from other cities: just because they can.

Wounded by the departure of sports franchises like any other city in Baltimore. The city has already lost the Colts to Washington in 1973, the Bullets to DC, and the Colts to Indianapolis in 1984. Baltimore has just hosted the 147th edition of Precance Stakes, the second leg of the Triple Crown race, but the big race has been given to Pimliko and other cities over the years. And if the scenery doesn’t, Orioles needs to make some changes: a Forbes article on the value of professional sports franchises, published in March 2022, claims that the value of the average MLB team increased by nine percent in the previous year; O’s price, however, fell four percent, making Baltimore the only MLB team to have lost value since the last Forbes poll.

And in at least one way, Nashville will be a green pasture compared to O’s current home: according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average annual household income in Nashville in 2020 was $ 62,087, or about $ 10,000 more than in Baltimore.

Lou asked the court to issue a restraining order preventing John Angelos from transferring or selling Orioles while the trial was ongoing and the financial loss Lou felt was due to his brother’s alleged transgression. Jeffrey Nusinov, Lou Angeles attorney, declined to comment on the possibility that John Angelos would actually try to relocate O’Kee to Tennessee with his family in such turmoil.

“The purpose of this case is to fulfill the purpose of Peter Angels,” Nusinov said. “I have no further information to add at this time.” However, the case seems to have upset John. This morning, he released a lengthy statement that clearly began: “As I said before, as long as Fort McHenry is monitoring Inner Harbor, the Orioles will remain in Baltimore.”

Lou Angelos, of course, seems to have anti-national music these days. But while waiting for this dark time to pass, he can do worse than listening to some village person, even the “streets of Baltimore.” Because towards the end of that song, the protagonist realizes that he should never have left his relatives and his own city and is going back to where he came from. And, regardless, and again: what a song!

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