The angels have tried everything and they are still losing

The walk-up music in Wednesday night’s Angels game against the Red Sox could have been a clever tactic if it hadn’t felt so desperate. Or if it doesn’t fail completely.

In a bid by the coaches “Shake things” A 13-game rate streak time, all Nine members of the Angels batting order They pick a different song from the Nickelback band as they set foot on the plate. “I like it,” said Phil Nevin, Angels’ interim manager. “I like Nickelback. The whole game, I have songs in my head. I can’t stop singing.”

The angels were shut up.

Here’s how to get started first.

Ohtani swung on five pitches and struck out, but the Angels’ batsmen did not wake up. Although the pitching was effective and limited Boston to just one run, the LA failed to score at all, and they failed to score as much after the sixth inning. In the end, the Angels knocked out their franchise- worst 14th draw, 1-0.

“It’s a broken record,” Nevin later said, referring to the loss, not his copy All right reasons. “It simply came to our notice then. The effort is good. These guys really want to win a game right now, and we know what that means for us when we do. “

Of course the angels Would like Win a game! Of course they are trying To win the game. But the team is still looking at the wild card, down from the May 25 27-17 mark, to 27-31 today in a first-place game. There is nothing that you can do to cause trouble. Sometimes it’s because pitching can’t keep a game within reach, because the team has posted an ugly 5.84 ERA since the rate started. Sometimes this is because the bats freeze, this puts them at the bottom of the MLB barrel with the extended .216 / .275 / .319 slash line. Sometimes it’s bullpen, as the Halos hold the lead in six of their losses on this streak in or after the seventh inning. Some of it has a worn-out list, as well as high-paid Anthony Randon, early-season bright spot Taylor Ward and most recently Mike Trout, who fell badly before being injured. Some of it is hard to explain: Seven of these 14 losses have been in one run, where you just have to move your fist towards the sky and chatter.

The Angels have already made the most dramatic change when they fired manager Joe Madden because the losing streak hit a dozen. It has not yet produced the results, as it did for Phyllis. Philadelphia swept a series immediately after the dismissal of their manager, although to be fair, they were playing Angels – and their ballpark playlist has not changed much. I guess you could say they’re waiting for a different story, but this time they’re wrong.

The good news is that this isn’t a good time to be a long skid baseball team. The Hallos have already erased their shots in the AL West crown, the Astros are sitting pretty 36-21, the introduction of a third wild card in each league means that despite the last two weeks, the Angels have only 3.5 games left. Back from the play-off spot, there are still more than 100 games left. This is a frustrating situation for everyone, but a 14-game losing streak does not automatically disqualify a team from achieving mediocrity, and mediocrity no longer automatically disqualifies a team from post-season.

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