The answer to why Cornes has doubled down on criticism of Glenn Laugh after a stunning departure is the answer

Ken Cornes has refused to back down from criticism of now-former kangaroo list boss Glenn Laugh, even after news broke that an analysis of Luffe’s move had sent shockwaves through the club.

The Kangaroos are 17th on the ladder after winning just one of their first 10 games this season, with Kornes jumping on Monday night’s episode and noticing the recruiting team. Footy is categorized To make a list of kangaroos.

“You can’t pick players from the computer screen. That’s what I’m saying,” said Cornelius Laugh, who comes from an analytical background who has worked at AFL’s statistics provider, Champion Data, for two decades before his role in the North. Melbourne.

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Just 24 hours after Cornes ‘brutal assessment, Laugh abruptly stepped down, with both Carolyn Wilson and Eddie McGuire of The Edge confirming that Cornes’ remarks were the final straw.

However, Cornelius declined to take a step back from his initial assessment of Leap’s performance as boss on the North list, asking: “Why is he untouchable?”

“You’re sorry whenever someone loses their job,” Cornes told SEN SA.

“It’s not a pretty story, but it’s art. We criticize the players, we criticize the coaches and vice versa if you’re Stephen Wells in Geelong and you have an incredible record, we’ll pump you in. If you’re Team Lamb in Melbourne, if You’re Jason Taylor of Melbourne, they’re two architects on that premiership list, and I’ve talked about them a long time before. That’s exactly how it works.

“I think it’s hysterical that someone quit their job for one reason or another… in the face of harsh criticism, which was not at a higher level, and he resigned for that reason. It’s bizarre.”

Cornes also countered by claiming that someone in North Melbourne had an agenda against a leap and asked his employer to put him in a hot seat.

“I have no leaks,” said the Port Adelaide champion.

“This is the weird thing about this story. I read it yesterday Herald Sun.John Ralph also wrote about this story, and he points to the same thing.

“Even though he (Laugh) was already considering his future, the unfair hit work on some of the list team’s draft picks this week must have made him wonder where the information came from,” he said.

“John… Where did this information come from: AFL Season Guide 2022. A little privacy for any media or footy fan out there, you can actually scroll through the North Melbourne page, and you can go through the decisions of each of their lists created, every trade star Bringing in, every draft they picked – and it makes for an amazing read.

“Now, if you’re a football club’s list manager and you make a lot of mistakes on your list and you bring in players like (Zidane) Stephenson and (Atu) Bosenavulagi and Callum Coleman-Jones to play for the 17th ranked team in the competition, then we question Have started.

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“When you pick Will Phillips, a midfielder that’s my height and 50 of them running in competition, over Logan McDonald, who took 10 points and 3.3 kicks against Carlton on Friday night, I’m going to question your decision.

“Now, if you’re a list manager and you want to be anonymous, you’re in the wrong game. As I said, the information is widely available in the season guide, that’s where I got it from – you’re in the wrong game. “

Among the three members of the Northern staff to leave the club this week, Loof was joined by longtime National Recruitment Manager, Mark Finigan, and National Recruiting Officer, Ben Barthisel.

The departures of Finnigan and Berthisel were expected, with North Melbourne CEO Ben Amerfio acknowledging that the club had been blinded by Luft’s departure this week.

“There are three very different situations,” Amarfio said.

“I don’t want to go into too much detail, but what I will say is that Mark has been with us for 17 years. He’s a great person, but he’s got a great offer. He’s got some security. There is no luxury to be offered. No one in this club has a fixed-term, long-term contract. Neither I nor the coach. When you get an offer that you are 17 years old, you have to put your family first.

“It’s the same with Ben. Poor Ben (during COVID-19) has been made to stand, stand, be part-time. He’s studying at HR, he’s got a job at HR, he’s got security, he’s got young. Family.

“Glenn, okay, we’ve all heard the noise about it. We’ve been shocked and we’ve been disappointed.

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