The barristers know all the gossip

I never worked for a big chain coffee shop, but for about a year and a half of my life I worked at a local bakery that also had an espresso machine. I was quickly banned from working on espresso machines, mainly because I was much better at remembering drink orders and gossiping.

All retail work is good for gossip because you constantly encounter people who think they are better than you, almost always rushing for no reason and they will happily talk to their sister on the phone about how their boyfriend is cheating on them and they At night he would steal all his plants and run away with them (this is a real story I heard once).

This week’s gossip is about a few baristas who have their ears open to gossip but their colleagues are much more interested in what to do than the annoying people in the drive-through.

Join me this week Tobin Low. Tobin co-hosted the podcast Nancy, Which the general gossip team likes and is currently an editor This is American life. We had a lot of fun in this episode!

I talked to Tobin about why being a producer is a great job for a dirty person, how to be a fun gossip, and without any warning about the very specific fear of hearing a family gossip story told by your grandparents. We then enter the story of hourly wages, spilled milk, and a group chat to solve a workplace mystery.

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