The Brisbane Broncos have won a huge comeback against the Gold Coast Titans

Ezra Mam is celebrating after scoring a goal for a stunning Broncos return.

Brisbane climbed to the top four of the NRL after a stunning comeback win against the Titans, where the spectators were given a 20-point lead in the blink of an eye, just as they did a year ago.

There were lots of conspiracies – the Pain Haas story, the younger brother Titans’ desire for power over the Broncos and, of course, a team from Brisbane confident and chasing the top four.

Brisbane have now won six games in a row – but it could be the sweetest of half a dozen considering the method and the opponents.

As happened: The Broncos stunned the Titans with a comeback win

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But how do you explain that another Gold Coast Titans such a fall?

The Titans have a tendency to lose big leads – they did it against the Raiders earlier this year and, of course, gave the 2221 advantage in this 2021 match.

At least that was an improvement – this time only a 20-point margin was given, going to the 24-4 shed, including a significant time where they had 11 vs. 13 and actually widened the gap.

With a score of 18-0, Sam McIntyre was eliminated for holding on, before the Asan Masters joined him in a set and the Titans defended their line.

Brisbane took immediate advantage of their two-man advantage as Selvin Kobo scored the goal, before using the corner post as Djeridu in the celebration.

But that would be their only score in a ten-minute period, and at the other end, Bar ফa for the undisputed proof of whether David Fifita grounded the ball was ruled out as an attempt and kept as one.

The Gold Coast sat pretty early on after the break. Go back to 13 yards, tactically leading 24-4, and just 30 minutes into their second win since March.

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They had no idea what was coming – but perhaps their fans did, after Te Maire Martin scored and then a short kick-off went terribly wrong, allowing Jordan Ricky to cross for 12 Brisbane points in less than two minutes.

Herbie Farnworth scored five minutes later, before Kurt Capwell led them to ten goals and Ezra Mum secured the victory after a few sets.

How could this happen again with the Titans?

It denies the logic, and yet here we are – a wonderful football team carrying on the misleading things, as another season goes by.

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