The Dolphins have signed Yuan Aitken to a new two-year contract

The Dolphins have solidified their 2023 playoffs, with outgoing Warriors star Yuan Aitken signing a two-year deal.

The former Dragon began his career as a hard running center in 2015 but has since moved to the second tier for the Warriors.

Equally efficient in both positions, Dolphins chief executive Terry Reeder said the iTunes expansion would bring balance to the squad and give depth to two crucial roles.

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“Yuan is a strong player who will add more than 150 games of NRL experience to our squad if he joins us at the end of the year,” he said.

“Importantly, he’s skilled enough to play center or edge in the second row, and it’s a valuable product in today’s NRL competition.”

Aiken will bring home ground advantage this season with the already based Warriors at the Morton Daily Stadium in Radcliffe.

“He will be able to bring some acquaintance around our home base for our new squad after a full season of training and playing with his current club there,” Reader said.

“Yuan and the Warriors have won three of three games at our home base Morton Daily Stadium this season – we hope to see the same results with the Dolphins next year.”

After making his NRL debut with the Dragons, Aitken won national honors when he played for Papua New Guinea against the Australian Prime Minister XIII and represented the NSW country in 2016.

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