The gates were open at Phyllis-Dodger

Phyllis ’offense put things together over the weekend, scoring 29 runs in three wins against the Dodgers starting Thursday. Unfortunately for fans returning to Philadelphia, the Phillies were beaten in LA games that ended when they were in bed. With fans waking up for Sunday’s game, the last afternoon in Philadelphia, Phillies begins Ninth innings walkoff rate 5-4.

Phyllis actually led the Dodgers to a 4-0 lead after two innings, despite the absence of Bryce Harper, who went 5 for 12 with three homers and eight RBIs in the first three games of the series. (Harper received a platelet-rich plasma injection in his right elbow as part of a UCL tear treatment. That plasma is poor in money, but platelet-rich.) Base load. Those four runs were not enough.

Odubel Herrera, the longest-serving Phillies player, is on the field to finish seventh. Here is a pitch he chased while batting.

Athletics Fabian Ardaya, who posted the video above, That has been added Yancey “just started laughing” at Almont when asked about a nutmeg cake and a strike out of it. This was just Almonte’s second appearance this year; He spent four seasons in Colorado before signing a minor league contract this offseason and was called up on Thursday. A few days later he knocked out a hitter on the pitch that went between his legs. Such as baseball.

Coincidentally enough, the man who got the game-winning hit was at least trying to pass the ball. His Legs before the game. Phyllis scored all four of his runs in the game, as they came in after Gavin Lux’s error with two outs in the second. Bryson Stott hit a routine grounder near Lux which, and according to the right, the innings should have ended, it went off Lux’s foot, Phyllis scored a bunch. You know how it works.

I really enjoyed this interview after his game winning hit with Lux. Just watch the opening if you can. Hey Gavin, you were the real shit out there today, how does it feel to be able to do something good at the end of the game?

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