The Jaris Familia involved in the Phillies latest meltdown is repeatedly failing to bind

Philadelphia Phillies Bullpen has developed a habit of losing baseball games through the fall that such losses and falls must be particularly horrific to mention. Oh, Corey Campbell coughed up a lead in the ninth inning? It doesn’t matter. Did any other clown walk one run in the 12th innings? Ian. But tell me that Juris Familia failed to cover the first base and dropped a run in the 10th inning by making a throwing error in the same game, and then struggled to tie his shoes properly several times before the end of the inning, and you got my attention.

When their game against the Giants ended in a 3-3 tie in the 10th inning on Tuesday, the Phillies became the Familia. The first batsman of the inning, Jock Pederson, hit a grounder in the first-base line that should have easily been the first out of the inning, but Familia forgot to cover the bag. This mental deficit not only allowed Pederson to reach the base safely, but also gave Familia a chance to come close to the second runner after scoring a throw from his first baseman. You can’t really start an outing worse than this:

After throwing a wild pitch that lets Pederson go to second place, Familia যার for which it should be noted that one of the pitches takes an exciting long time থ stops tying his right shoelace. Then before the end of the innings he stopped tying the same shoe laces a few more times!

Familia were eventually out of the innings with no more runs and Phyllis even came back to tie the game below 10. I probably don’t need to tell you that they immediately dropped three more runs to the 11th top and lost 7-4 in the game.

Now, you might be thinking that, for once, it was a Phyllis bullpen meltdown that didn’t have a direct hand in the writing of disaster manager Joe Girardi. After all, what role can a manager play in his jug, how to cover first and how to tie his shoes? Aha! Not so fast! Before Tuesday’s game began, Girard spoke to reporters about how badly his bullpen had performed and operated this season, and revealed that he had some rules that prevented him from using the reliever for three days in a row.

“You can drive a guy there for three days in a row and I can guarantee you that his things will not be close to what it will be on the first or second day even on the third day,” he said.

Okay, check it out: Familia May 29, and then again May 30, which will make its third consecutive appearance against the Giants on Tuesday. Apparently he was too tired to tie his shoes properly before taking the mound, which then effectively affected his ability to cover the first base. So, again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes.

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