The Jason Horn-Francis trade offer should be considered by North Melbourne

North Melbourne has been urged to consider what a trade deal might look like in order to do the unthinkable job and pick a valuable No. 1 pick for Jason Horn-Francis in the midst of its stalemate.

Despite only a few months into his kangaroo career, there are already doubts about where Horn-Francis will play next season, despite the suspension of contract talks with the club earlier this season.

Rival clubs are circulating, such as Craig Hutchison, host of the Nine, in his home state of Horn-Francis in South Australia. Footy is categorizedHe said it was an opportunity for the Kangaroos to be “brave and courageous”.

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“Don’t be afraid of his departure, be proactive and understand how it can be,” he said.

“At least you go ahead and explore the details of what a deal might look like later this year. You can’t always say no. Explore previous offers.

“He’s still got the most money in the contract, and if he doesn’t go or you don’t get a good enough offer, you have one year.

“Everyone is afraid of reputation risks … just hug it because people get over it. (Ryan) Griffin Bulldogs leave and they win a flag, Le Colbert Gilling leaves and they rebuild. Reputation risks quickly fade. And the opportunity can be overwhelming.

“He doesn’t seem to be investing emotionally in where they’re going. If he’s chipped in, he’ll sign up soon.”

Horn-Francis opens in a fiery clash

Hutchison’s suggestion was backed by Great Ken Cornes of Port Adelaide, who said such a move was “worth considering”, but Sam McClure of The Edge disagreed.

“You can’t be serious,” he said Footy is categorized In response to Hutchison.

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“They’re in the 11th round, their all-time best player, Wayne Kerry, says the club is broken, and you want to trade a guy with one year left on his contract as a No. 1 pick. By

“He could already be their best player. He is considered the future captain of the football club. You must go the other way and offer him $ 750,000 a year for another four years and make him your highest paid player.”

“If you trade No. 1 pick, it sends a shocking message to your members.”

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