The Melbourne Demons underwent surgery after an altercation with Jake Melaksham

Jake Melaksham underwent surgery to clear an infection in his hand as a result of Sunday’s altercation with teammate Steven May.

The incident took place in the inner suburbs of Melbourne after 9 p.m.

Melbourne has postponed May for controversy.

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Melkasham is now unavailable for the AFL (or VFL) selection for this weekend’s blockbuster Queen’s Birthday match against Collingwood.

Alan Richardson, general manager of Melbourne Football Performance, said: “Jack performed really well at the VFL stage last weekend and it is disappointing that he was not available for selection this week.

“Even more frustrating is the fact that the injury kept him out of the selection frame as a result of an argument with Jack on Sunday evening.

“As a footy club we are deeply embarrassed by Sunday’s events and Jake and Steven realize that they have disappointed our club, their teammates and our members.

“I want to make it very clear that as a club, we do not condone violence in any way, and it is completely unacceptable for our players to allow any disagreement to escalate to a physical level.”

The catalyst for the dust-up was a reported sled of missing the Meluxam 2021 Grand Final from May, which Melbourne beat the Western Bulldogs by 74 points.

Melkasham was dropped from Demons 22 for last year’s drought-broken premiership, serving as an emergency.

“If you had played (the grand final) we would have lost,” May complained.

It is claimed that Melaksham then punched and killed in retaliation.

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