The Oilers got what they wanted

The most expansive problematic nature of Evander Kane hockey makes it difficult to enjoy and I only use the word “problematic” because I can’t measure the level of your anger for you. If you want to flatten his face instead of “problematic”, “offensive”, “disgusting” or even “I want Milan Lucic,” it’s between you and you.

This is exactly what Edmonton expected when they signed him on January 27, the same thing Atlanta / Winnipeg, Buffalo and San Jose got without the social and legal issues of Atlanta / Winnipeg, Buffalo and San Jose. They signed him knowing he could leave the railroad in the hope that he could benefit and contribute to the labor of Connor McDavid and Leon Drysitel. The Oilers also hoped that he would be able to reduce them ThemFor example, “How do we get rid of McDavid and Dresital now?”

As can be seen, Kane has benefited immensely from the moment McDavid (and vice versa) first attached to his left buttock and brought DrySittle back to the McDavid line. Kane led the playoffs to the league with two hat-tricks and two two-goal playouts, and he was upset for both the Los Angeles Kings and the Calgary Flame, where he conceded three goals in Edmonton’s 4 on Sunday night. -1 win which made oil two to one in Albertan Angst’s latest presentation. While it can be said that almost any of the four hooves pointed in the same direction will improve with McDavid and Drysitel, it should also be noted that the Oilers have tried many players with McDavid and Drysitel with much less significant results. If he had won Edmonton and caused Calgary to lose, the city would have laughed, congratulated each other, slandered the Colorado Avalanche, and spent the summer in a fresh dilemma with Pint.

Now for your non-oilers fans, you have to decide how good you are with New Kane because as I said, I can’t monitor the level of your guilt in the history of his off-ice behavior. However, you are paying for typing here, not ethical guidelines. If it helps, your writer reads less than indifferent, a little further than mildly annoyed about it, but he also stops thinking that sports have long been a place to find human examples. Why Evander is a rented stick, and here are just two values:

1. Why would he help Holland and Jay Woodcroft keep their jobs?

2. Will he be able to leave McDavid and DrySittle?

You will notice that “3. Can he be a good citizen? Not listed here as an option, for obvious reasons that it was not part of the calculation. This is not a story of liberation, this is a story of cold-blooded realism. Kane was available, he was a good player, he came cheap (one tenth of a salary in San Jose when he signed a বছরের 49 million contract for seven years), and Edmonton lost patience with Holland as they did before Steve Tambellini, Craig McTavish and Peter Chiarelli. . They stopped selling their building and asked, “How much longer can McDavid afford it?” The narrator was gaining snow-tire traction.

In short, Kane is the Oiler who made the best use of the magic of McDavid and a bit of DrySittle and did as much as he could to take the Oilers to their first Cup final in 16 years. It may have failed miserably as a heartbreaking story, but Holland did not ask you or anyone else. For him, it’s “Will people be unhappy?” It’s about “Who would want to date a person who can’t even spell his name correctly?”

And yes, that guy is Connor McDavid.

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