The oppressor always gets the benefit of the doubt

Prominent Palestinian journalist Shirin Abu Akleh was killed on Wednesday after being shot by Israeli forces, according to reporters accompanying him in the West Bank. According to Al Jazeera, the outlet he worked for was in Jenin to cover Israeli army operations and he was wearing a vest and helmet indicating that he was in the press. Another journalist, Ali al-Samudi, was shot in the back but survived. As seen in the video, those who tried to take Abu Akleh’s body were shot at.

If you read Al Jazeera’s own report on the murder of a journalist, it clearly describes what happened and provides a source for the details included. Abu Akleh was there with other journalists who saw for themselves what had happened – and in the case of al-Samudi, who was also shot – and said that there was no bilateral war near them.

Al-Samudi and other journalists present at the scene said no Palestinian fighters were present when the journalists were shot, directly debating an Israeli statement citing the possibility of a Palestinian fire.

“We were going to film an Israeli army operation and suddenly they shot us for not leaving us or for stopping filming,” al-Samudi said.

“The first bullet hit me and the second bullet hit Shirin … There was no military resistance from the Palestinians at the scene.”

Shatha Hanaisha, a local journalist who stood by Abu Akleh during the shooting, also told Al Jazeera that there had been no clashes between Palestinian fighters and the Israeli army. He said the group of journalists had been directly targeted.

“We were four journalists, we were all wearing vests, we were all wearing helmets,” Hanasha said. “The [Israeli] The occupying forces did not stop firing even after his fall. I couldn’t even stretch my arm to pull him out because of the shooting. The army was determined to kill. “

Al Jazeera

The Israeli military’s response was to release a video of an “armed Palestinian” shooting down a staircase in another area, which he advised Abu Akleh to shoot. The human rights group Betsalem easily proved that if the bullet had not been bent at an angle, there would have been no way of knowing who fired it.

Such information – the establishment of objective information on the ground – does not preclude the Western media from portraying Israeli violence against the Palestinians as a clash between two equal parties. There is an obvious oppressor here, but it is not pointed out. The Original title Upstairs New York Times The article about Abu Akleh’s death was “Shirin Abu Akleh, a trailblazing Palestinian journalist, died at the age of 51,” as if it were due to a medical condition. He died at that time “Conflict.” Several national media outlets did not understand exactly how a bullet ended up in a spot on Abu Akleh’s head exposed by his helmet.

That day was Wednesday. On Friday, Palestinians performed the funeral of Abu Akleh in Jerusalem. Thousands marched and waved flags. Initially his casket was supposed to be taken from the hospital to a church, but a team carried him on their shoulders. Israeli police then beat the protesters with sticks. The moment it started:

Israeli police said the attack was justified Someone threw a plastic bottle. In reality, it’s going to happen whether it’s a bottle, a stick, a pillow or anything. Israeli police were there to provoke and incite. They tore down the Palestinian flag at the hearing of Abu Akleh because they knew what it would do. They protested because they knew they had immunity.

You would think that this video, one group holding a casket and the other group grouping them, would be easy to describe for the western media. Even then CBS News described the parties “Conflict” and “Violence.” The Bar How to finally write a proper headline (“Israeli police attack mourning at Palestinian journalist’s funeral”), yet includes “Israeli police’s unreasonable explanation” of how they took “enforcement action” after “nationalist provocation”. Israeli forces also claimed to have thrown stones there, their evidence being unconventional video of stones on the ground. The Bar This is included in their article even though they had no obligation, suggesting that the oppressors deserve the benefit of the doubt here as always.

Whenever something terrible happens to the Palestinians, the Israeli government will confuse and obscure it. They demanded a joint investigation after Abu Akleh was killed. But why should an entity that has released an easily debunked video of an “armed Palestinian” be trusted to conduct a sincere investigation? They lie about anything, to justify any action and blame the Palestinians for what they dominate. If it doesn’t work, they won’t. The Western media prints it as if it were the equivalent of a two-way story.

The United States sends billions of dollars to Israel, which they use to shoot Palestinians in the knees, back or head. When you read about Formula Deficit, or Covid Relief Fund, or any neglected government service, ask yourself why there seems to be no shortage of money to spend on other things in the United States.

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