The Packers beat the NFL’s Dark Heart in the mailbag column

Football fans are monsters. Their wishes and desires should not be acknowledged or fulfilled. Deviate from this path and you may end up in a dark place, “Marilyn, longtime Packer fan and shareholder” need to explain that Green Bay Packers do not discriminate against white prospects. Earlier this month, a concerned Marilyn Packers president sent an email to Mark Murphy, who answered fans’ questions in a monthly column called “Murphy Tex 5” for the team’s website. Marilyn writes that she has counted the number of white players selected in the first two rounds of this year’s NFL Draft and reached an unsatisfactory 11. Because he did this tabulation himself? “When I googled how many white drafts were made overall, Google wouldn’t answer. I wonder why. ”

Marilyn continued, “I hope we don’t have to hear all the screams about equity, justice and all the signs of hats and shoes and everything else. I would suggest that the NFL is actually racist to always pick and highlight black players. I’m sure that’s why you chose love for a QB when he should never have chosen it. ” “Vince Lombardy, who was discriminated against because he was Italian, helped change things when he got there. It has built the Packers into a dynasty, with a focus on bringing in Green Bay and black players. ” Very well, Mark. Marilyn certainly never considered such wisdom, and as an Italian-American, Vince Lombardy was immediately cured of his racism by contemplating all the hardships he endured.

I was curious: If you’re not going to roast Marilyn’s hell in your answer, why bother accepting this question? Marilyn looks exactly like the kind of email MT5 screener used before breaking the delete key and proceeding to Audrey’s request “Please bring Paul McCartney back to LAMBEAU, it was the best concert of all time. Please, please, please!” At the very least, isn’t the party president and the person in charge of the team’s website interested in hiding the true horror nature of the fans? But reading through the MT5 archive seems to take questions from rude and incoherent fans — and posting them on a website for everyone to see মতো something like the main part of a Murphy column:

A question from Mike

What are you and your coworkers doing? Not going after an established WR? You deserve not to win a Super Bowl. Get rid of the WR corps. You have drunk Rogers with his weapon. After being a Packer fan since 1965, it’s a slap in the face. All the Packer fans who bought the stock and supported this team all these years and you will not spend money to keep or get elite players. I hope you will be fired soon.

Thanks for sharing your feedback, Mike. The decision to trade Davante Adams was extremely difficult. Not only is he a great player, he is also a great person who has done a lot for the organization on and off the field over the years. It was clear to us that he did not want to play on the franchise tag and wanted to play in Las Vegas to stay close to home. In the end, I think we created a situation that was good for Davante and the company. I know you’re worried about our wide receiver position, but we have about six months left before we play our first game. With four picks in the first two rounds, we have the draft capital to trade for an experienced receiver or to draft a high-quality receiver (s). I’m sure our spacious receiver room in September will look very different than it is now.

If only in his humble “according to my last email” style, Murphy would go back whenever he wanted:

Sam, a question from The Real Big Packer fan

Hey Murphy, why don’t you ever answer me? I think I know the answer, you’re making a joke you know I’m right. The offense is starting to look good, but why the stink again in this defensive unit? Because every year you pass really good defensive linemen and linebackers inside in the first round of the draft. Gary was the only player you chose, he was a decent player but there are still a lot of good players on the board. Two years ago I got excited when I saw you come up in the draft, I thought we were still going to get the best LB on board, but what did you do? You made a love draft because you can say we don’t need a QB yet you are an ass…! Well, because of you and Guteknost, our crime is to carry this team one more time, sorry!

Because you never question, Sam. MT5 is based on answering five questions from fans, not answering five complaints about our team. Thanks for understanding.

He may make excuses for Marilyn’s racism, but he draws the line for not following MT5 submission guidelines. This is for fans QuestionMan! See Murphy’s heated response to Duan, the man in the serial “More Comments than Questions”, in the words:

A question from Duane

Murphy! Make that shake Gutekunst get off her ass and make a play to get Packers Julio Jones!

Thanks for the email, Duan. Thanks also for the previous 20 emails you sent MT5 in recent months Interestingly, none of the 20 emails have a question. While I appreciate your perseverance and passion, I must say that I have great confidence in Brian Guttekunst. In his relatively short tenure as our GM, he has completely turned the tide of our team’s fortunes. He has put together a talented team (last year we voted the most player pro Bowl) with a record of 28-8 in the last two years, after a losing streak in the 2017 and 2018 seasons, and played back-to-back NFC Championship games. In addition, he has a great working relationship with head coach Matt Laflur. He and Ross Ball, director of EVP / football operations, have smartly managed our pay cap and put us in a better position for the future.

That’s awesome. More teams need to do it. Every executive is proud to have the best fans in the world, and if they really mean it, it seems right that they spend an hour reading and replying to these emails. I suspect in the end, most will be on the phone doing the worst deals possible, just to keep up with the fans. “This defense unit stinks, Sam? What can it do? Well, what about this defensive unit ?? “Please. Appreciate your response and give me a pat release. Lou Lamoriello let me know your concerns.

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