The Panthers are accused of having a complete Tampa experience

All we have here is a classic, unequivocal “down 3-0 debate.” To be one of them, a team does not have to literally go down 3-0 in a series. All that is required is that a team is struggling, and the players will go out and have some fun, which is controversial because fighting teams are not allowed to have fun. In its broadest sense, there is no need for the controversial thing to be at the center of a down 3-0 debate HappenedAs long as enough people want to believe it.

The members of the Florida Panthers-down, yes, 3-0 may or may not be at the world-famous strip club in Tampa last night. So some Tampa radio guys.

The implication is that they aren’t upset enough about going down 3-0 to the Lightning, as well as not getting enough sleep before tonight’s Game 4. I’m not sure if any of these things will follow, but even the arguments involved are accepted on the premises. And Panthers coach Andrew Brunett says it didn’t.

Well, stop now. Okay, so maybe Tampa Radio Friends isn’t the most irresistible source. What if I tell you? A Miami radio guy Sure? If the Panthers humbly bowed their heads tonight, it would be much less embarrassing to have an excuse.

Defector Thank you for your continued support. Joe Thornton is on the lineup as he goes to bed after the evening news and a mug of confirmation.

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