The passion of Andrew Johns, Newcastle Knights in Jack Newton Sled

Rugby league immortal Andrew Johns has revealed the sledge that sewed Aussie golf great Jack Newton.

Newton, one of Australia’s most successful golfers, died in April. In 2020, he contracted Alzheimer’s disease.

But outside of the golf course, Newton, whose son Clint played in the NRL, had a strong passion for the rugby league.

“One of the best you can meet … he loved Newcastle, he was a proud novocastrian and the number one ticket holder for the Knights,” Johns told Wide World of Sports. Immortal behavior.

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Newton’s golf career took a turn for the worse in 1983 at the age of 33, when he lost his right arm and his eyes in an accident involving an aircraft propeller.

Johns revealed that Newton was so passionate about his NRL that he often advised the former Knight Playmaker to kick the ball.

“It was always good after a game, he was honest,” Johns said.

“You go back for a beer with him after the game and he’ll tell you if he thinks you’ve played st.

“When I first started he would advise me to kick the ball. In those days you used to use sand.

“He used to say that when they hit, the ball would sit a little higher when they hit first.

“He talked to me about it and then he talked to me about routine and rhythm – the same thing with putting and goal-kicking.”

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But one night Newton reacted somewhat, criticizing the Knights legend for his tackling which forced Johns to give a brutal sled.

“One night he grabbed me at the pub after a game and went, ‘I want to talk to you about your tackling. I don’t think your tackling is so good’,” Johns revealed.

“I like, ‘Friend, I’ll take tips on my goal-kicking … I don’t know how many things you’ve dealt with.’

“Then I went, ‘Well, Jack, you’ve dealt with an aircraft propeller and you’ve come out, so I’ll take some advice.’

“He himself is a P.D. [laughing]. Great man, great friend, he loved the Knights. It’s really sad to see him go. “

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