The pitch attack is back

In the third game of the Golden State-Dallas eviction that Kevin Looney and Andrew Wiggins were more than stars Stephen Curry and Luka Donsick, there was a memorable moment before the game when referee Mark Davis approached two-way civilian Theo Pinson and She asked him to change his shirt From white, well, anything other than white. The Mavs appear to have been fined three separate times for 175,000 because they prefer to stand very close when not in the reserve court and sometimes wear white clothing of the same color as the Warriors’ jersey.

As can be seen, Davis did not buy him a new shirt, Pinson did not change the shirt he had, and the team could be fined again, which would be a problem if owner Mark Cuban was valued at $ 4.7 billion.

But it also comes in a game in which The curry fell on a waiter Along the sidelines and a woman fell and fell while walking along the sidelines while trying to leave the field, so obviously the playing surface is becoming a bit of a problem, at least in a series that is reaching fast no matter what. Mancha Clearly, the British have a better and more socially democratic idea and this is a return to the old one:

Full-on pitch attack.

It looks like Manchester City’s good, often shirtless and mostly drunken fans, who didn’t have the Premier League clichচার to celebrate at 54 weeks, decided to fill the field in history after their boys lost to Wolverhampton and secured their fourth title at six. The year Sky Sports pundit and professional Crank Roy Keane rewarded their efforts by calling them “scambags” and “an insult” in the heated debate among general analysts over pitch safety and player safety.

It was a few days after Everton fans rushed to the Goodison Park grounds to celebrate their team’s avoidance of deportation, first having to go five minutes and then completely later, Crystal Palace coach Patrick Vieira persuaded a fan to kick him off the field for relative safety. . Fulham fans rushed to Craven Cottage to return to their love affair, and Nottingham Forest fans flooded the field, and one was even arrested for headbutting Billy Sharp of Sheffield United.

And before that, if truth be told, there was a general strike of fans during the Super League disaster a year ago where thousands of people entered Old Trafford at Manchester United Stadium in protest of their team’s attempt to join. That protest worked as Man U and five other English teams fell behind, and now it seems almost as strange as stacking up against this new pitch attack. The stands are the new theater of dreams, and all the fields are a stage where all the room temperature beer can be poured.

However, the British soccer punditocracy is armed with arms over the boobs to hear, see and feel their mood. Of course, the British soccer panditocracy has risen to the occasion when a new Man U player apologizes for the team’s isolated performances each week. British soccer panditocracy has come up with arms as a condition of employment.

They are, however, not so in the arms This, Where Leeds United player Rafinha went to the stands to celebrate with fans after surviving a drop. Not that they should have any problems with Rafinha, remember; I just wanted to draw your attention to the three gentlemen at the front, and the contrast between them and Rafinha, who seemed to be preparing for the game by varnishing himself on the floor of a hardwood entrance. However, Kiano and the boys were pretty cool about them.

The point is, the British went out of their way to celebrate, ignoring the once defensive boundaries and intimidating everyone involved into a holy hell. They only live near the brink of disaster, I guess, because our country defines civil rebellion in sports with a rogue white T-shirt, a gin-and-tonic gone bad, and a woman who can’t navigate the titrop. We came as close to the field as the sidebar allowed our ability to pay. In England, they come down the stairs regardless of career or income and allow gravity to take its course.

No one is doing it right, and it could just be everyone. Yes, the weird player risks being trampled on by cartoon-flats, but TV people like visuals even though it means allowing shapeless middle-aged boys with visible back hair and sad, beltless trousers to invade our sight. Yet as long as they keep their hands and heads away from players, is it worse than sharing $ 85 G&T limited floor space with $ 50-million athletes? Basketball players always complain about how close the fans are to the floor, but the owners sell that proximity at a hefty rate and are less likely to find the most expensive row in the building for the least important thing, such as athlete safety.

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