The Rockies set new standards for the worst kinship rentals

There are two types of kinship in sports. There are some people who understand the privilege of their position and thus support all of us in going through their careers in relative ambiguity. Then there are those who need to emphasize that they are Acquired Do this through hard work, and they have a title Nothing About how they came to get the job of their dreams. Take a look at the title and photo of this article about Sterling Manfort, and you can see what kind of guy he is.

So yes, the Colorado Rockies recently hired 31-year-old Sterling Manfort, the son of the team owner and younger brother of the team’s corporate partnership vice president, to head their scouting department. The Denver Post, Meanwhile, was happy to offer a few column inches for the self-evident ridiculous notion that with Monfort’s appointment his parents own the team and have no idea how to handle it. You get all the general trappings here উদ্ধ quotes from other Rockies employees about how young Sterling “works his butt off”, sterling self-indulgent and meaningless platitude — but of course the story can never describe anything like that in Manfort’s reality. Completed his baseball career, which began in 2013 when he was a coaching intern with the Rockies’ Rookie-League team. This article comes close to describing any of Sterling’s skills when Danny Montgomery, assistant general manager of Scouting, announced that Sterling was very good at writing reports:

“As an organization we probably don’t understand what we had with it (before 2019),” Montgomery said. “Once we get him to California, we realize we have a gem sitting in the office that just needs to come out and match its wings. He’s very thorough in writing his report. Number of games (he participates). “

Denver Post

Well, I’ve seen enough. If a man is “a gem” who “spreads his wings” (?), And is “very thorough with his report writing,” he must be the youngest Scouting director in the MLB.

This is all embarrassing for obvious reasons, but there is an extra layer of humiliation that can only be provided by an isolated organization like the Rockies. Most professional sports franchises who want to be a little brighter on the coach or owner’s child are usually smart enough to wait until the team succeeds before treating Daddy’s Most Special Boy in the spotlight. The only way to try and rebuild a kinship as a merit-based hire is to point to all the successes that lead to hire. In the case of the Rockies, it is more ridiculous and insulting to say that Sterling has achieved his role than to actually come out and admit that he was given the job. Because the Rockies are sucking! They suck big time! They have no team-building philosophy, they can never win a game, and you’ll have a hard time finding anyone willing to rank their farm system anywhere above the bottom half of the league. If being part of the mess that Sterling has been doing for the past nine years is a qualification for promotion, then the Rockies should go ahead and make their own deal.

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