The West Tigers have sacked Michael Maguire

Balmain legend Benny Elias believes Michael Maguire’s dismissal comes 18 months late, adding that he should not be the only head to roll.

Maguire ran into the Tigers’ Tuesday morning training session and was given a marching order shortly thereafter.

Speaking to Wide World of Sports after the club’s dismissal was announced, Elias said it was “a decision that had to be made”.

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“It’s easy – the scoreboard is the balance book, and the balance book has red ink all over the joint,” Elias said.

“It’s a big decision, it’s a decision that should have been made, and I’m glad the board got the courage to do it.”

The Tiger board conducted a mid-season review last week where it was decided not to continue working at Maguire.

Elias said Maguire had “recipes, but he couldn’t cook properly.” He denies that the job was a poisonous forty.

“We’ve got everything to support a successful club. We’re extremely (well) privileged. We have a huge junior rugby league development program, we have great sponsors, we just have to get the cattle rights.

“If they get the players right … you’ll see a huge difference.”

Elias, who has played 234 games for the Tigers in his 12-year career, did not say who else he wanted to dismiss.

“It needs a new culture – it needs a broom across the whole joint,” he said.

Brett Kimorley will be the interim coach. Elias said Tim Shins, who was brought back by the Tigers in the off-season after a decade away from the club, should be the man to take on long-term responsibilities.

Shins, the Tigers’ premiership-winning coach since 2005, who is currently in charge of football, is being reported by the head coach.

“He probably didn’t want it, but I kept him there as a doorman,” Elias said.

“We did not bring him back from England for a cup of tea – he was back for a real purpose.

“He’s very fit and very capable of taking it for the next short time.”

After 13 rounds, the Tigers sit 13th on the NRL ladder with just three wins to their name.

Maguire took over from Evan Cleary four years ago but the team has slipped down the stairs every season.

The Tigers have not reached the final since 2011.

Maguire is the second NRL coach to be separated from his club on Tuesday, following the dismissal of Nathan Brown by the Warriors just hours earlier.

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