“There is no chance,” said Michael Gerrafa

Michael Gerrafa has doubled down on old foe Tim CGU, undefeated the undefeated star’s chances of fighting or defeating undisputed Super Welterweight Champion Germel Charlo.

After dominating American Brian Castano over the weekend, Tszyu took the opportunity to remind Charlow of his compelling obligations.

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“He has no chance at all,” Gerafa, who is negotiating with Jem Munguar for the WBO Middleweight World title eliminator, told Wide World of Sports.

“He comes out and says I hit harder, I’m more powerful. People come. Just take it easy man. He thinks he’s going to stop Charlo. People come. Seriously.”

“Nobody cares about Tim CGU. Even when you see the press conference and everything, he always goes back to his father. And Tim CGU said don’t ask me any questions about my dad. That’s what they do. They want to know. With Jab Judar. War. “

When asked about Aussie in post-fight pressure after the biggest win of his career against Castano, Charlo blew the poison.

Along with Texan and his brother, middleweight champ Germal, welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. was also present and called the Aussies “trash” – saying “tell Kostia Siju (Sebastian) to fight Fandora or some shit.”

Tszyu is the mandatory challenger for Charlo’s WBO belt, at No. 2 with WBC and No. 3 near IBF.

Charlow has obligations under WBC (Fundora), IBF (Bakhram Murtazaliev), and WBO (Tszyu). With a rematch between Israel Madrimov and Michel Soro, the WBA has yet to decide on its mandatory status.

If you talk to someone in Australian boxing they will tell you that Tszyu did the groundwork to get all the jewelry. He is a compelling challenger for the WBO Belt, yet the fickle nature of boxing is much more complex, and the road to world title is wide with moving parts, booby traps and false hopes.

It’s going to take a huge pitch from Tszyu’s promoter No Limit to convince Charlo to fight. Which granting agency has the greater pull and which fight will work best in the interests of the champion will come down.

There are several options in front of Charlo. He could be an unlikely forward to middleweight and drop his belt, or fight WBO welterweight champion Terrence Crawford in a lucrative super-fight with Charlo.

He can also drop his WBO belt and keep the others and avoid Tszyu, giving Aussie a shot in the zero title.

After eating the first-round knock-down tissue in the win against Gausha, there was talk around boxing circles that he was not yet ready for the title shot. Former champion Anthony Mundine says fighting for the title is “premature” and the Rockdale fighter is “not up to it” at the moment.

“It’s okay with the choke money,” Gerafa added. “He is not the only one who has said it. Everyone around the world has said it.

“The only people who say he’s ready are Team CG fans. If you know boxing and you get your head out of half of Team CG, you know he’s not ready for that level.

“He (Charlo) is a beast. Those guys (Charlie brothers), they’re on another level. I mean level, they’re on another level. You can’t have a defense, they just punch through it. He’s walking. You’re down, he’s. Counter, incredible boxer.

“Go there and tell her he’s going to kick her out. He’s a crazy guy. He’s an irrational man.”

“Tszyu probably got the best chance at Fundora and I don’t think he’ll hit her.”

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