Tiger Woods avoids the worst round in the Major

Tiger Woods has abruptly withdrawn from the PGA Championship after a horrific third round.

After a day of clutch put and short-game magic, allowing Woods to reach the Southern Hills over the weekend, his third round ended with another big moment.

He put on a 1.5-meter par to break 80.

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“I didn’t do anything right,” Woods said after signing for his nine-over 79 by two shots, his worst score in the PGA Championship. “I did not do well. As a result, I ended up with a pretty high score. “

It wasn’t his worst at a major. At the 2002 British Open, Muirfield had 81 of the strong winds and bitter cold that ended his hopes for the Grand Slam. He had an 80 at Chambers Bay at the 2015 US Open when he recovered from the first of five back surgeries.

It was painful to watch, and not just a sloping game with a wedge and two water balls.

Much like the Masters Weekend, his first race after a car accident in February 2021 that hit his right leg, the gender has become clearer as the days go by.

The weather, compared to a heat index that reached three digits earlier in the week – did not help.

“You’re sorry to let him go through this,” said South African Shawn Norris, who played with Woods in front of a large gallery, but certainly not the size of the previous two days.

“But then again, you also see what kind of person he is, that he pushes through everything and pushes himself, even all the pain and that,” Norris said. “It’s not easy for a man like him to go through this and struggle like that. He’s rocking it nicely, and I think he’ll be back when he’s back to normal and fixes all the problems. “

Woods chose not to speak to the media, instead giving a pool reporter some thoughts. He did not have an obvious problem, which was distance control. Because of the cold the ball was not flying so far or its speed was slower than he realized, there were two incidents when Woods was shocked to see where his ball landed.

A par-3 was in the sixth hole, when Woods’ shot not only came small, it found water. He puts his next shot in a random collar, flips a chip and leaves with a triple bogie.

And that was just the beginning.

Woods made five straight bogies from the ninth hole. One of them was in the par-311, when he posed on an 8-iron just to make it look small – very small. He looked back at his caddy and said, “It’s smaller than the bunker!”

The speed of his pitch at the top of the hill was such that it went over the green and down the slope and he had to shoot 1.2 meters to escape with the buggy. After a similar pitch on top of the hill from a little distance it was a hole settled on a green top shelf. The pin was in front.

And then on the Par-5 13th, when the daring game was seen from the first cut of the rough over the green and into a strong wind, his pitch went from 30 meters out to 10 meters away from the pin. Green has probably turned a birdie into a boogie.

“I couldn’t get off the bogie train,” he said.

Even when it seemed like a losing cause, and there were moments when it seemed as if his right knee was starting to bend, Woods rarely missed a shot or a putt.

On the 15th a 10-meter birdie putt was the only bright spot, and Woods forced a smile to mark the first birdie of his day as he swiped his right index finger in the air.

It was his only.

Three purses, including the last 10-meter shot, gave him a 79 and a position below the leaderboard, with another early start on Sunday. But he can’t do it there after deciding to withdraw before the fourth round.

He was asked if days like this – high pain, high scores – made him question the process of playing and if he wanted to do it on Sunday.

“Well, I’m in pain. I know it’s a reality,” he said. “We’ll do some work and see how it goes.”

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