Tim Anderson Stop Yankees fans now

If one thing is confirmed by Saturday’s clash between Josh Donaldson and Tim Anderson, it was an environment where dumb and most dishonest observers would dare to share their dumb and dishonest views on the matter. Some white people never miss a chance to tell a black person that the racism they faced was not Actually Racist — you have to consider all the issues! ংAnd those white people Donaldson’s defense was not wasted in a hurry.

One might hope that dismissing such a glimpse of Anderson’s feelings would not indicate the behavior of a significant number of fans, but such hopes would mislead how such things go. Once different Fools begin to create a framework for debate Around what Donaldson told Anderson, it was inevitably going to be metabolized by fans as a controversy, rather than what it really was: something deeply unpleasant that Anderson should not have felt. The controversy comes with the option of choosing a party, and Yankees fans chose them on Sunday:

It’s ugly. Anderson made it clear that he was offended by Donaldson’s racist jokes and did not find it funny, and that the reaction came from every single fan who decided to gossip on Sunday. We don’t care.

At least that was not enough to stop Homer from hitting a three-run homer in the eighth inning.

The good news is that the White Sox and Yankees will not play each other again in the regular season, which means that except for one meeting in the playoffs, Anderson got the final word on Sunday night. As it should be.

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