Tom Brady’s one and only job as a broadcaster will remain

To take his cue from Dremond Green and cement his next career before ending his current one, Fox Sports’ Tom Brady has given us a short series, the answers to which we already know, for the wise:

Will he be insightful? Yes, probably.

If he needs to criticize someone openly, will he be honest? Absolutely not.

Will he be deliberately humble? An open face on white like American cheese.

Will he reinvent football analysis? He can’t even try football analysis. He might sit there like a fit Yoda and laugh at the whole game for what we know.

Will people like him? Who cares? He wouldn’t be a Fox man any more than he used to be at Disney, CBS, NBC, Amazon, YouTube, Bean or Home and Garden. He is being hired for his name because he only has to pay for it, and so no other network can have it. For that he would earn 25 25 million a year or 5 5 million more from Tony Romero, who previously had “What is he making ?!” Analyst

There. That should clear it for you. Brady will always be the same, because that’s the whole Brady brand. There will be no slanted snyness, no settlement score with Bill Belichick, no hilarious repost at the expense of Kevin Burkhardt, no ridiculous analysis or anything else. Brady’s totality is to say nothing and try to get the world to analyze that emptiness. He is Jazen, the meditative technique of observing something and then letting your thoughts about that thing vanish into nothingness. He doesn’t think about everything.

And that’s what Fox bought, and what they’re doing well with it. There was no discussion here. They wanted his name and his face, and whatever was rolling from his yap was next to the dot. Even if he wanted to reinvent Manningcast as a sideline, he would retire Manningcast from yesterday’s trend.

But let’s be honest. The template for analyst Brady is not Tony Romo, who now earns $ 5 million a year more emotionally than Brady, like a helium balloon with lips. The template for analyst Brady is actually his real compatriot on the top of the hill-Wayne Gretzky. Greetsky is part of a crew at TNT Studios, worth a little over 3 million a year, and his next provocative thought will be the first reason his job is not to break the Colorado forecheck. His job is to sit there and create the Greatzkihood. Anything after that he is supplying from the well-being of his heart and perhaps frightening the holy hell from the producers.

Now Brady may decide that he wants to be adept at guessing the next play, which Romo did to make his bones, but we doubt it. He may get all the insults about the surprise of a last dive game like Chris Collinsworth, but we certainly doubt that. He can swipe Roger Goodell strangely, but that’s not to annoy him because the gods don’t just annoy people. If for some unreasonable reason he wants to scratch that particular scab and the league objects, then it would not be up to Fox to advise Goodell to do the honorable job and retire for not talking to Brady Vibe.

Maybe arrival for Brady আমি I mean, over $ 25 sweet. Maybe he will try to get rid of all the scores he has achieved in his thousand years in football, to go back to his high school coach Tom Mackenzie who was advised that Juniper had baby fat when he was in high school. But he will not do any of these things because he will not be tempted to reveal any nerve endings on a trivial stage like television. He would repay his debt to Fox and earn a full 25 scoots if he made a crochet hat for his kids on the day of the game.

Yet, even for so much, he shows that he is finally thinking of retiring. He no longer has the gig to run the Miami Dolphins, or the gig to run something he doesn’t already have. That’s 20 weekends, 23 highs, and every time he sits next to Burkhard, he’ll have a million bucks in a tool bag next to his lunch. If he decides he wants to say something, he will ruin it.

So he won’t. His work exists, and he has done that brilliantly. The first time he described the second quarter, the third and sixth, as “a key down”, the pets would die and our culture would dry up. He knows. Trust us, he knows.

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