Top 6 Most Controversial Shows on the Internet

When we talk about controversial events, we mean series that have caught the public’s attention and whose ratings and reviews have been critical, both constructive and unearthly. This means that the content produced was dubious and gave rise to controversy. Some of these series are fun to watch, but others aren’t too much, especially if they trigger you. At other times, shows are not harmful and are known to address issues that are forbidden in our society and viewers do not feel comfortable talking about them, without showing them. If you’re interested in watching some of the most controversial shows of the decade on the streaming platform Netflix, we’ve created the perfect list for you.

However, you will need a stable internet connection as a slow internet plan can disrupt all the fun. If you are not satisfied with your current internet connection or you are just looking for a high-speed connection, we suggest you check here for packages. With that said, let’s discuss the top controversial shows on the internet and follow our personal preferences to see them or not.

1. Messiah

The Netflix show revolves around a man who claims to have been resurrected to fight evil and bring peace, and is called the Messiah because of the wonderful gifts he has. No one has an explanation for his ability to heal and predict the future. People of all faiths, such as Christians and Muslims, were outraged by the Prophet’s description of the show, which caused Netflix to cancel season 2 of the show.

Is it worth the watch? Even though it is controversial, it focuses less on giving birth to a controversy and more on a flawed story, which, however, ends in a cliffhanger so we didn’t enjoy it because the events of the show are also far from history. However, if this is for a project, go ahead.

2. Thirteen reasons why

The Netflix series is based on the best-selling book of thirteen seasons, ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’, where a girl commits suicide and leaves a tape blaming those responsible for her suicide. The show justifies the fact that suicide can serve as an alternative source of suffering and revenge for amophorenazar. Moreover, the second season works as if the girl is coming and the result is “she deserves”.

Is it worth the watch? Definitely. The show has a strong position, great acting and a very tough story. Moreover, it is a great watch and much can be learned from it. Of course, the negative Nancy would think differently.

3. House of Cards

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but it’s not because of the plot, but because of the protagonist. Kevin Spassy was caught in a spiral of rape and sexual harassment allegations, and the internet went berserk with him, prompting Netflix to fire him immediately and create the final season of the show about his wife.

Is it worth the watch? Yes, we hate Kevin’s existence and hate that such a hunter was cast for such an amazing event, but aside from that, and with the assurance of ruining his career, the show can be seen with an open mind.

4. Dear white people

However, the show’s focus was on racism and hooliganism, as well as major issues such as how difficult life can be for people of color.

Is it worth the watch? Yes, the program is a great in-depth analysis of how society suffers because of the majority and it underlines the problematic position in our daily lives. This is not necessarily an attack on anyone or racism. Could the name have been better? Yes.

5. Unsatisfied

Targeting teens, this recent Netflix show highlights the life of an obese and fat girl who is no one at school and is hated for her appearance after which she goes through massive changes to become lean and she automatically becomes the talk of the town. This is considered controversial because many believe that viewers believe that in order to be accepted by society, one must be hungry and lose weight.

Is it worth the watch? This is good if you consider only a fun watch, but it does not prove to be very valuable at all. We recommend watching ‘Sierra Burgess Is A Lost’ instead.

6. Crown

The show is based on the British royal family, outlines the life of the royal family as well as hidden personal issues and resolves controversies. The Royals frowned at how wrong the show was, but the crowd did not agree on what was actually going on inside the royal family and seemed to have formed a strong opinion.

Is it worth the watch? Definitely. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but the cinematography has been amazing. We love watching it!

Unwrapping the wrapper

Most of the time conflicts trigger interest. When it comes to controversial events, no one can stop and see what is there that makes them controversial. All of the shows mentioned in this article contain elements that should be viewed with an open mind for other debates surrounding them.

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