Tragic turn after the emergence of the vision of South African boxer Simiso

In recent days, after learning about the attitude of South African boxer Simiso Buthelezi, it has been learned that the fighter has taken a turn for the worse and is in a coma.

During a fight against Montungwa at Cefesihale during Butheleji’s WBF African Lightweight title fight last weekend, the fighter apparently lost his bearings, taking an air swing at the opposite corner of his opponent, both of which resulted in Montungwa falling out of the ring.

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It was initially reported that Buthelezi was in a stable condition but it is understood that his health has deteriorated since the scary moment.

“His condition has not changed. He is in a coma. He is not talking, moving or doing anything,” said his trainer, Veki Mongomezulu, via South African reporter Thabiso Mosier.

“Doctors say a head injury could cause a blood clot in the brain,” her trainer added, adding that Buthelezi’s family was devastated.

“It’s very difficult to take, especially for his family. Simiso graduated with a degree in zoology and botany from Unizulu just two weeks ago. The family doesn’t understand why this happened because Simiso has a bright future.”

It is understood that Bethelezi was taken to hospital and placed in a persuasive low after the referee stopped fighting.

Dr Bui Mabasso-Dlamini, who was on the ringside during the fighting, told local publication The Sweaten: “He is not in good health at all; he is serious but stable.

“We discovered that he had a brain hemorrhage and, sadly, his condition did not allow doctors to operate on him at this time.”

According to reports, the boxer’s team was shocked to see the situation because he did not suffer any serious head injuries during the fight. His coach said his charge was normal while preparing for the fight and was ahead of the point when the incident happened.

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“There was nothing unpleasant about fighting and training,” he told News24. “He led the fight to the point before the unfortunate incident happened.

“Honestly, I can’t really explain what happened. It was wonderful, but in his training and preparation for the fight, there was nothing unpleasant about his condition. He was fine before the fight.”

Ring announcer Sifo Machego told ESPN that the fighter was performing well and was in control of the fight, an incident that “surprised” him.

“Simiso was pointing out the terms, he actually controlled the fight from the first round. He did not take any punishment from his opponent.

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“But it was the last round, with 14 seconds left to go and his opponent dropped out of the ring. [Buthelezi] Then began to sway wildly, and no one understood what was happening. Fortunately the ringside doctors were quick. It was weird. “

Dr Mabasso-Dlamini added: “Another suspicion is that he was injured before Sunday’s fight.

“It can hurt all year long. His condition worsened when he was taken to the hospital. But his condition was worse when he arrived at the hospital than when he left Graveville.” [the fight venue]”

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