Trent Barrett has resigned as coach of the Bulldogs

Canterbury football boss Phil Gould has revealed an emotional toll that prompted Trent Barrett to resign as coach on Sunday night.

The final decision came 48 hours after the Bulldogs lost 16-6 to Newcastle in the Magic Round and fell below the NRL ladder.

One reporter said he saw Barrett “physically upset” the morning after the loss, and Gold confirmed that it was a difficult weekend for the man in question.

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“He made this decision on Sunday night. It was a bit of a rollercoaster between Saturday and Sunday, but last night he rang, we had a long discussion … it was a very difficult discussion, very raw,” Gold told the media on Monday. Out of office.

“He has poured out his heart a little. He has used his heart to do this.

“It’s sad the way it ended, but hopefully he’s got some rest and some peace now.”

The bell was ringing for Barrett’s job after he lost to the Knights in the last place on Friday. The team that lost that game would be under tremendous pressure and in the end Barrett decided it was the last straw.

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The Bulldogs board called an extraordinary meeting for Monday where Barrett’s immediate future was the subject of debate, and there was a chance he would be pushed out if he could not walk.

The players were sent home from training as the club frantically pulled out its next move.

Gold has confirmed that an interim coach will be appointed in the next 48 hours and that person will be from inside the club.

For Barrett, he has plenty of time to reflect on the season and a half he has been in charge of Baker and the Bulldogs.

“It’s been a tough few days. It’s been a really tough few weeks,” Gold said.

“When a coach loses his job in this way, or thinks he has to resign, we all think we have failed.

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“A lot of push, a lot of sadness. There’s been a lot of speculation in the media in recent weeks, and a lot of pressure on the club, a lot of pressure on Trent.

“In the end it takes its toll. She’s got a life to lead, she has a family to look after.

Barrett defended Gold’s training

“I talked to him last night, he was not well. But he decided on his own terms, he decided he had to do it.

“He felt he gave his best, and he did. He’s a great coach, he’s a great young coach and he’s highly respected here.

“I think in the end the pressure and the results probably got a bit out of him and he decided to leave on his own terms.”

Gold has explicitly declined the offer to serve as interim coach.

“There are no opportunities in the world,” he said.

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