Victorian government in fog after Argentina’s withdrawal from Brazil’s game

The Victorian government has reprimanded Argentina for its behavior in the now-canceled match against Brazil, which will be the headline of the MCG next month.

The match – a World Cup qualifier that was postponed due to COVID-19 – will be considered an exhibition match in Melbourne, where both teams have already sealed their places in the World Cup despite playing one match less than other South American nations. .

The news was confirmed in a statement published on the MCG website on Wednesday night.

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“Unfortunately, the event organizers of the June 11 Superclassico match at MCG have been informed that, contrary to their previous agreement and commitment to do so, they are not ready to travel to Australia for the match against Argentina and Brazil,” the MCG statement said. .

“In response to this news, event organizers are now working with key stakeholders associated with the match to review all fixtures options and provide further updates as soon as possible.”

Victoria’s Sports Minister Martin Pakula said the state was disappointed with the decision.

“We’re pretty frustrated, and I think it’s fair to say it’s quite annoying,” Pakula said.

“I think they owe an explanation to the Australian football fans because they did not give an acceptable explanation to the promoter. And as far as I can tell, they did not give any to the Brazilian football team.

“I know Brazil are very upset. It’s really affecting their World Cup preparations.”

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The Argentine federation withdrew its contract to play a dead-rubber qualifying tie earlier this week, but did not say why.

“I think if you reach an agreement, you enter into an agreement, you give a letter of confirmation, the parties are entitled to rely on it. I think the decision of the Argentines is in very bad form,” Pakula said.

“I don’t know what’s going on in the geopolitics of football, but the Argentines are reacting to what’s happening … just withdrawing a deal with Brazil and the promoter of this game, I think it’s really bad form.”

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