West Tigers vs. Canterbury Bulldogs Result, Kick of Time, Paramatman Hills vs.

Andrew Johns believes an unconventional style of play could be the answer to Canterbury’s plight, and he has only men in mind to lead the Bulldogs.

Asked about the Wide World of Sports’ Immortal behavior Whom he will choose as the dog’s next permanent head coach, Johns has responded with not just a name, but a pair of brothers.

“I’ll really go to the left field and go to Ben Walker and Shane Walker,” he said.

“They have a unique way of playing the footy, based on the footy of the 90’s – think of the great Canberra team or the Brisbane team – where it’s about the ball movement, but it’s time to grab.

“I’ve talked to them about it in the past where an average of six sets, the opponent holds the ball for 40 seconds – where the way they play, they guess from one minute to fifteen (seconds) and somewhere else, and it’s all around ball movement and defense. Running that exhausts the defense. “

Although the style of play is unique, it has led the Walker brothers to success in the past.

“In the first year at Ipswich (Queensland Cup), they won the company with this unique style of short dropout, short kickoff and ball movement … sometimes they even run backwards with the ball to chase their opponents,” says John.

“Then they played an interstate competition and they won the grand final day.”

While the Bulldogs “did the same thing over and over again” to no avail, Johns believes they can be experimental with their next move.

“Everyone is playing the same thing now, I’m waiting for a real thought – something different. It’s a unique way of playing and really, what do they have to lose?”

“Put them (the Walker brothers) inside, give them two years, give them a shot. See what happens.

“I think it’s something they need to see, explore and if not the Bulldogs, I think other clubs.”

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