What does it mean for Saudi golf to be banned from PGA Tour events?

If you’re a golf fan and also one of those guys in suits sending annoying messages to each other in fancy letterheads, this was a great morning for you. PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan issued a long and fairly spicy statement this morning, saying that all golfers who have decided to join the new Saudi Golf League will be banned from all future PGA Tour events. You can shout freely, “Let’s go!” After reading this letter, but I will not respect you for it.

For those who aren’t fans of golf, or even casual sports, this letter probably raises a lot of questions. Specifically: So these guys can still play Major, or what? I only really pay attention to Major. Short answer, for now, they can confirm.

One of the more confusing things about following golf is trying to understand all the different professional tours and management companies and trying to understand how they each control the small corners of their sport. You got PGA Tour, European PGA Tour, USGA, R&A and most amazingly American PGA, which Different Than the PGA Tour. The USGA A governing body that sets the rules for golf in the United States and Mexico, when R&A Performs the same function in Europe. The PGA Tour Holds 45 or more professional golf tournaments in the United States each year, and at the end of each season, a tour champion is crowned with a total of points and a four-tournament play-off format. The European PGA Tour Run a similar tournament schedule in Europe, and crown his own tour champion using roughly the same format. I don’t really know PGA of America Either, or what it does.

Thus, Saudi golf gangs have so far only been banned from participating in events hosted by the PGA Tour, which means they will miss out on many opportunities to play in the tournament and win prize money. Tour Championship. Importantly, however, this does not mean that they are currently barred from participating in any of the four major tournaments held each year. Because PGA Tour does not actually put in any big tournament! The Masters belongs to Augusta National, the US Open USGA, the Open Championship R & A, and the PGA Championship to the American PGA, which again No. PGA Tour. Because none of these organizations have said that golfers who go to the Saudi League will be banned from their tournaments আসলে in fact, the USGA has already come out and said that they will all be welcomed at this year’s US Open সেই those guys are now ready to participate in every major tournament.

Perhaps today’s actions on the PGA Tour will encourage these other tour organizers to start their own bans – I bet this is exactly the result that the PGA Tour hoped to trigger with their statement today – but for now you can still expect to see Phil Mickelson and his growing The bizarre look revolves around just a few golf tournaments that annoy you.

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