What happened to the fighters there?

I think for obvious and accurate reasons, most of the focus of the Boston Celtics’ 17-0 run in the 1-steal game was on the 17th, instead of the zero that they had against the Golden State Warriors. The Three less capable offensive players Combined shooting for three of the three in the Celtics ’closing lineup for 23 for 15 is far more compelling than the Warriors’ offense; Also, the Celtics won. As enjoyable as it was to see Shot Making’s hallucinatory display secure the result, there was also some dissatisfaction with an exciting competitive game such as the three-point variation. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, but it was hard to imagine last night By Drymond Green is basically as much as Dr. Sometimes playing percent leaves you eviscerated.

But there is no such run in the void and the Warriors also failed to score At any moment While Al Harford, Derrick White and Marcus Smart were shooting them from their own gym. Any take that pinned Celtics to a complete victory and missed shots of equal expected quality must make the Warriors ‘misses as heavy as Celtics’. This morning again looking at every futile possession of the last six minutes of the fourth quarter, I saw that the Celtics played a straightforwardly better defense than the extended Warriors. The process was correct. There was also a lot of support for Green reading at the end of the game, as the difference in luck was enough.

The Warriors are an interesting matchup for the league-best Celtic defense due to their planned conflict. Boston changes everything, and they set up more sophisticated coverage when the situation demands it, they also have six do-it-all defenders who can handle multiple positions and so things don’t need to be complicated. It works great, but the Warriors’ frantic off-ball movement, team-wide passing ability, and ubiquitous threat to splash Curry or Clay Thompson theoretically deny most of the benefits of switching. You can play a pick-and-roll perfectly, but what are you going to do about Spring’s pre-screen action on the wing to Thompson as he runs towards Cario Rim? That kind of stuff.

One obvious place to start here is Transition. Curry posted the historic first quarterly number because the Warriors were able to score so many runs. Warriors run deadly; Curry and Thompson know exactly how to fill the lane and Green knows exactly when to hit them. But it was impossible to get a runout against the built bucket and Celtics’ great defense in the last six minutes of the game started with their shot. To Cleaning the Glass, the Warriors posted a 90.1 offensive rating on the halfway court last night, while their efficiency at change was 114.3. The bucket that finally finished the Celtics race was a transition touchdown pass from Curry to Thompson.

In the half court against the Celtic defense, the Warriors actually got a mostly tough look. During that unfortunate drought, Curry misses an open shot from the floater range after taking the lane against Derrick White, misses three after moving away from Harford on a switch, twists his ankle to get up for three more and has to toss a dump-off. The pass, Rime got up and scored only for Green to knock the game out through an offensive foul, and finally, Rime missed a wide-open layup. Half Court has created all the good opportunities for itself. On the other three relevant properties, Green struggled. Harford broke into his grill and forced a steal after an inbound game and a few minutes later, Green drew a foul but missed two free throws.

The real defensive possession against the Warriors was a flashy team effort. Payton Pritchard, whose ability to play in the series seemed to be a real question mark, prevented Steff from getting on the rim. Jillian Brown then puts her foot on Thompson’s chest and interrupts any movement, forcing Tatam almost out before he can force it out to Wiggins. White pelted him with stones, and Tatam flew towards Green when he shot three men in despair. He’s lucky to even hit the rim. Green missed all three of his nights, which is rough but expected; The real concern was Harford and how comfortable the Celtics were to protect him. Green is an amazingly intelligent player, but the Celtics had no problem with his movement or passing last night. The Warriors are at their best when Green gives something to their offense and he has to do something more in the next games.

The Warriors need to make some obvious adjustments. Green will probably spend less time in front of Harford, perhaps moving to Jillian Brown to get more involved in on-ball action. The Warriors have played math and have been burned by the Celtics’ less frightening shooters, though Thompson said after the game, “Ask any basketball player. When you get a great look from the 3rd, everything else seems easy. “Stef Curry has to carry a more aggressive load, as Jordan Poole fits too well against the hungry Celtics and the Warriors seemed unable to make good shots without their superstars. Thompson and Athleticism is at a disadvantage against Green Boston’s physical defense, so Golden State will need Carrie to make room for them to open their games. But his stealing ability creates a chance for change. Pool bouncing will also solve the Warriors’ mobility problems. But even if Boston’s long-range shooting returns to normal, their defenses are realistic. But the Celtics have now passed their first test, and now it is the turn of the Golden State.

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