What’s up with Jayson Tatum?

Andrew Wiggins was absolutely brilliant in Game 5 against the Celtics; Another clichd performance for the Warriors, such as a Clinching Sixth or Seventh game, and it is conceivable that the former metaphor for Frustration could go away with a final MVP trophy in the same year as his first All-Star appearance. I would like to draw your attention to the man who is being praised for his watch. Poor Jason Tatum is in a bad condition.

At first I didn’t think so. Tatum made a brutal shot for 17 for 3 in Game 1, but played a great all-round game in almost every sense, got his way into a game-high 13 assists and what seemed to be a Boston offense that lasted a long time. Was out of defense. And stretched terribly. The Celtics, as you might think, blew the Warriors into the fourth quarter of that game, covering a poor shooting performance in a pink mist: If the Boston Warriors could win by a dozen at the building when Tatum makes 18 percent of his shotsThe thought is gone, logically, Then when he inevitably finds his groove they will really destroy the shit. There was no particular reason to shoot too bad: Tatam was incredible against a tough Miami team in the previous series and throughout the entire post season.

Similarly, the results of Game 2 gave the picture a bit of a jolt. The Celtics were in huge numbers, and the tattoo posted a nightmare minus -36 figure at night, but he shot much better (8 for 19, and a spark for 6 for 3 out of 9) – also, some expect the Celtics somewhere Did those first two games on the street win both; You would expect the young stars of Boston to be a bit shaky when hitting with Golden State’s best punch. Last night’s results were similarly buzzing at the box-score level. Tatum shot just fine (10, 27 points for 20) overall, but faded from action in the fourth quarter, hitting just one of his five field-goal attempts, missing a pair of free-throws and a personal minus. -15 period when the Celtics push their short lead and then blow it up.

The big picture that focuses on the five games is pretty much:

That 30.6-percent figure on two-pointers is awful. In the regular season, Tatum makes two of his 52.4-percent, which is comparable to that of Stef Curry and Luka Donic; 30.6 may be, by mile, the worst two-point percentage of any regular player in the league. Some of it is certainly an achievement for Golden State’s outstanding team defense, the second best in the league in the regular season. And Wiggins খুব a very rare, perhaps unique defender who can capture the tattoo with size without giving up agility during an attack, who can crowd around him and even turn and run with him when he tries to dribble-drive. Threats You can see a lot in games: Wiggins’ length and ability to close gaps has caused Tatum to make a visible change in his usual smooth step-backs and turnaround jumpers in this series. Drive after drive got him inside the free-throw line as a solid-winning move, and not further away; As a result he had to settle for a heavy diet of those rival jumpers while he struggled to make them.

But the 75.7 percent accuracy of the free-throw number, far removed from Tatum’s formidable 74.4-percent career figure-indicates that the Warriors are doing more against what they are doing while playing live. The question is what exactly could happen; The serious possibility is that it is more than one.

It could hurt. In Game 3 of the conference finals, Tatum hit his right, shooting-side shoulder, and has won it several times since. Undoubtedly he is feeling the effects of playing harder, hard-fight play-off basketball than ever before in his career – and for good measure, a A lot More than his opponents in the Warriors:

I think there is also the possibility of a brain boomerang, a spectator that is always seen in the background of any NBA star, suddenly throwing a free throw is much worse than usual in the play-off series. I raise this possibility only to (mostly) discount, as far as it can be distinguished, even conceptually, from the role that injury and fatigue can cause it. Well, this sentence already has at least three defensible reasons for this, if the tattooed brain boomerang suffered a minor injury while playing against a great dynasty of basketball history in the final, after being hit and deeply exhausted.

Still, Tatum has moved away from games to significantly expand and perhaps feel a bit better Too much Occasionally interested in acting as a mere cog in Boston crime. This is not a moral judgment: the floor-warping gravity of the team’s stars makes Celtic’s role-playing and planned things as effective as any other team, and Tatum, for all Jelen Brown’s superiority, has become a Boston star this season. If pinning Boston Reserve’s Dogsheet Game 5 performance is too low — the regular bench guys meet for a total of four points উপর on Tatum’s struggle, it seems fair to say at least that he’s not making things as easy for them as he did, for example, Against heat.

This is a function of the basketball staff that is basically beyond its control. For the first time in his career, Stef Curry made a terrific shot from the floor in Game 5 for 7-for-22, including 0 for 3-for-9, and walked the entire playoff game without at least one three-pointer. Gone. Many of them competed, an achievement for the Boston defense, but even competitors competed only within the spectrum of defensive pressure that Curry has burned countless times in his career. Yet he never had a Golden State possession during his 37-minute game when you didn’t see the danger of his shooting range affecting everything in Celtic, even when he wasn’t doing anything special. Tatum, a spectacular player and one of the most remarkably well-rounded young scorers in many years, to observe that his skills were not configured in a way that could affect an opponent’s defense overnight. When hit or exhausted (or a boomed brain!) All his shots are left in front of the rim.

What seems clear is that neither of these, good or bad, explains his struggles, nor does any of this give a good start to Boston’s chances in the series. The Celtics need a Jason tattoo much more than Jason tattoos, and they have less time for his arrival.

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