Who will win the Champions League Final 2022?

It is safe to say that the Champions League final is the most important game in European club football. On Saturday, Real Madrid will face Liverpool in a repeat of their famous 2018 final. Sergio Ramos then injured Mohamed Salah, and according to many, Liverpool were the main reason for losing the game. Sergio Ramos is no longer playing for Real Madrid, but Salah will take revenge. Who will win the Champions League final? This is the question most football fans have these days. This is a complex question, but here is what we think.

There are no favorites in the final

Most football experts will say that there are no favorites in the final. That is what happens in any final and of course in the Champions League final. The clubs that have reached the final must win the title. Real Madrid and Liverpool have shown the most this season and they deserve European glory. That is why we will not specify who will win. If you are interested in disagreements, check here and see what the bookmakers think. Today, we will do something else. We will discuss the strengths of both clubs and how it can help you find out who you are. Here is the strength of the two clubs.

The power of Real Madrid

Carlo Ancelotti

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What can we say about this guy who hasn’t been mentioned before? Here are some things you may not know. Carlo Ancelotti is the only manager in football history to have won all of the top five European leagues. This, of course, made him one of the best of all time. He knows how to win the title with Real Madrid and keeping him aside will definitely calm Real Madrid players.

Karim Benzema

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The stunning Frenchman has scored 15 goals in the Champions League this season. This is a wonderful achievement. But Benzema has always been a good player. However, the day Ronaldo played for Real Madrid, Benzema was in his shadow. There were situations where Benzema could have scored but chose to assist Ronaldo. He is now the main option in the Real Madrid attack and he certainly feels comfortable with it. He is deadly in front of goal and Virgil Van Dyke and Saturday will be a complicated task for the rest of the Liverpool defense, for sure.

Vinicius Jr.

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People say Benzema is the best Real Madrid player of the season and it is true, but if Benzema is the best, Vinicius is the second best. If Vinicius has not scored 17 goals and 10 assists this season, who knows if the Madrid club will win the domestic title. Vinicius also had a great season in the Champions League. He only scored 3 goals, but he did them in the big game. He will certainly be a threat to Liverpool’s defense.

The power of Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp

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If we put Carlo Ancelotti on this list, it would be fair to discuss Jurgen Klopp and his talent. Certainly not as experienced as club Ancelotti in European club football, but he is one of the best managers in the world. He is officially the best manager of the Premier League this season. One of the things that makes Klopp great is that he plays brave football. He will definitely attack Real Madrid in the final. However, unlike Pep, he will know how to stop the game if Liverpool scores the first goal. It will be a pleasure to watch the battle between Ancelotti and Klopp.

Mohammed Salah

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A lot of people say he’s not a big game man, but that’s just not true. Of course, he may not always score in big games, but his presence on the pitch helps others to play well. He creates opportunities for other players, such as Sadio means, for example. You should also consider that this final is Salah’s personal. In 2018 he had to leave the pitch crying and he is now fit to play. Also, there is no Sergio Ramos to hurt him in this final. Salah will try to win his second Champions League with Liverpool and it will come as no surprise if he is named Man of the Hour after the Premier League season. He must be one of the most important players on the field.

Saadi also means

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We know that today we only talk about attacking players, but the reason is that Real Madrid and Liverpool play offensive football. When it comes to Sadio quality, it is safe to say that Senegal’s players had a great season for both the club and the country. He has scored 16 goals in the Premier League this season and is one of Liverpool’s best players. He has scored 5 goals in the Champions League. However, perhaps his biggest achievement this season was when he won the African Cup of Nations with Senegal. He has a winning mentality and he knows how to play big games. A lot of people think he can be the best in the match, especially when it comes to goals. The Real Madrid defender will look for ways to prevent Salah from scoring a goal that will force Mane to cross the line. This means the only Liverpool player who has a chance to win four titles this year. He has won two with Liverpool and one with Senegal. Winning the Champions League on Saturday would be the best season of his career.

The final word

Real Madrid and Liverpool are similar clubs. They like to play offensive football, but they also know how to defend. Both clubs have excellent players, but it looks like the main battle will be between Carlo Ancelotti and Jurgen Klopp. If you are a football enthusiast, you must be in front of your TV screen on Saturday.

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