Why retro football shirts are a great gift for a footy fan in your life

There is no better feeling than to show affection to your loved one at special moments like birthdays, Father’s Day and other iconic days. Finding the best football gift for a diehard fan can be challenging. Yes, you know someone who watches all the football games on TV (including highlights) on the weekends and yes, even Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. They probably have an outfit ripped off in various colorful football shirts and they are indifferent readers of the beautiful game.

If you want to gift someone in your life who loves the beautiful game of football, this guide to retro football shirts will be for you. There are a few different places where you can find retro shirts.

The first starting point is that while it may not be very clear which team they support, the major European teams are always the best bets. Fortunately, most large group kits are made by Adidas or Nike, so this will make your online browsing easier. It will be stocked by clubs as well as local and online retailers.

These retro shirts are the kind that don’t depend on the current season and can go back as much as two decades. You can even find some modern replicas of 1800s kits for some clubs. Here are 7 reasons why your loved one, who is a football enthusiast, should get a retro shirt


One good thing about retro football shirts is their uniqueness. Companies like ClassicFootballKit offer you a selection of innovative options, so you can stand out from the crowd and share your love for your team. Their products are unique and not found in ordinary football clothing stores. These are also of real quality and long lasting.

Some club kits can be so rare that if you were to find them, they wouldn’t know anyone else around this era. Rare and more unique, the more they will be sure to love it. They may not even know it exists in the first place. You may have to research these types of kits, but they can be found in some places and they may not be as expensive as you would expect.

Consider browsing online to find authentic retro shirts, recently produced replicas or iconic matching shirts for that time. There are many unique ways you can achieve a retro football shirt and you need to know where to look.

Lots of options

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The retro football shirt is a great gift for your loved ones who are football fans because it has lots of options. There are many jerseys, even from the old season two decades ago when their club won the Champions League. There are different club shirts that give you different options to choose from.

You will notice that retro shirts of different eras also look different. If you start buying a few from the same club, you should start to see how different but similar they are. Then when the new kits are launched, you’ll be able to see how much they’ve changed over the years to include the same themes and vibes.

You may even notice that the color or crest of the club has changed over time. It may ask you to view it yourself. When presenting gifts, you may be able to impart their knowledge, which will certainly be impressive.

Show support for your favorite club

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Football club fans are enthusiastic about things related to their club; Fixtures, lineups, transfers, news, just names. But there are other ways to show support, such as wearing a certain retro football shirt with a few friends to support the club. They are the perfect gift for this reason.

They will help the footy fans in your life to make them feel like themselves when they go to the game. Think about how many times you went out for a game or watched a game on TV and noticed a retro kit. It forces you to stop and think for a second.

So not only will they be able to show their support for their favorite team, but they will be able to look good at the same time. Even crazy looking retro kits that were considered ugly in their day will now have a certain appeal.

Reminiscences of the Special Times

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Do you remember when your favorite club won the trophy in the past? Did you love a World Cup final a few decades ago and want to relive such memories? One way to do this is to buy a great retro football shirt as a gift for your loved ones. The best part is that you can always get the right jersey from any season past.

Some seasons are more special than others, and they may have only one kit that represents this era. If you could find a kit of this age for them, it would be incredibly nostalgic for them and take them back to those days.

This could be iconic for a competition where the club has done well, or it could be due to a specific player. If it is due to a specific player, you should consider the name of that player on the back of the retro shirt, if it is not already there. This will help them to stick to it and be exactly what they are looking for

Last note

Over the past decade, people around the world now see retro football shirts as a top-notch football gift. Many fans’ favorite shirts have now been republished across the internet, no matter how vague they may be.

While some of them may not be flawless entertainment, lots of fans will add nice attire – and you can be sure that you will get the right size with good quality for your loved one without breaking the bank.

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