WWE News | Cody Rhodes’s horrific hit in the fight against Seth Rollins, video, reaction

Wrestling fans around the world have gathered to rub their chests in sympathy as Cody Rhodes reveals the amount of pectoral injury this week.

After Seth enters the ring for his fight against Rollins, Rhodes – nicknamed The American Nightmare – removes his coat to cover his right chest and deep wounds inside his right biceps.

Somehow, he still won the fight – ending on Monday at the Hell in a Cell card in Chicago, Australia time.

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Just before the fight began, WWE stated in a statement that Rhodes had partially torn his right pectoral tendon during a previous fight against Rollins on the WWE Raw.

Injuries worsen after weight training over the weekend. WWE host Kayla Braxton says the tendon is “completely out of bone.”

Rollins wasted no time in testing Rhodes’ pain tolerance, repeatedly targeting the area, including pushing a kendo stick – basically a wooden sword – directly into the area.

As the war intensifies, the wounds clearly become deeper. Struggling with extreme pain, Rhodes placed several of his signature steps – Cross Rhodes – on Rollins, before ending him with a sledgehammer blow to the face.

Speaking to the crowd after the match, Rhodes said: “You paid to see me – I didn’t miss coming back to Chicago.”

“We’ll go through it and I’ll update you tomorrow,” he said.

The audience and wrestling pundits were amazed at the daring performance.

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